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Got the results today

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My Surgeon said I am clean and green so much so after 4 years, no more PET Scans and he doesn't want to see me for a year I may just go back in six months for no reason at all just because I am use to it. I will see what my Radiologist says in May, but if he says he doesn't want to see me for a year I may be thinking a conspiracy.

On a serious note (not typically me) I feel lucky to sail through treatment as well as I did. I often ask myself why was I so lucky when others aren't so lucky. Yes there are parts of the old Jeff I miss but I am certainly glad to be alive without them. To those fighting is it worth every drop of energy you can muster to kick cancer's butt.

Phrannie this is where you come in  to do that there Happy Dance (film at 11) while Matt, John, and I eat some ice cream.  Life is good.


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I remember the wait to start treatments, and then the wait to finish treatment,and then the wait to hear NED,and the wait to swallow,taste,saliva(still waiting).I envy you and will be glad to see my oncologist say we're not needing to see you for a year.CONGRATULATION,on your new anniversary and hope you hear those words every year for years to come.

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Happy news indeed, I was expecting bad news by your "Title", so glad to be wrong!!!!!!!

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I haven't seen them....., did you leave them here... :)

Congrats Jeff....


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wow, 4 yrs, that's awesome.  as for the ned, congrats.  i've done the happy dance enough today to call myself a pro dancer.....lol.  not having to see the doc for a year is also remarkable.  it shows you just how far you have come!  congratulations, jeff, and enjoy the celebratory ice cream Cool

God bless us all!

dj  Laughing



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Congratulations on the clean and green PET scan scene.  I think cutting ties to your ENT and onc are pretty big signs of success (keep healing, missing parts and all).

I think, I know that Dancing Phrannie likes ice cream too. 


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So good to hear your good news ! 

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It's always nice to see in writing what you knew anyway, right? Congrats!

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So glad to hear that you are good for at least another 100,000 miles.



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Glad for you and eat some ice cream for me. Lol

Tim Hondo

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Jeff, that is wonderful and inspirational!!!!!  Along with catfish I envy you in a nice way and hope to claim that someday and continue to follow and claim after as well -


Have a great day - I did a little sitting down dance for you, not ready to stand and dance yet

All the best



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shoes the minute I get done typing......YEE HAW!!  NED for Duggie!!!  Laughing  Man, that was a long assed wait on your scan (don't know how you wait it out so calmly!!)  You, Matt, and John can have a front row seat while I do a jig around the kitchen table.....I'll buy the icecream!


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Congratulations on your 4 years. I'm sure you'll be counting many, many more. Thanks for sharing your news and staying with us newer folks that haven't been around as long. You're an inspiration to us, just as someone is to you that has years of NED on you.

Thank you and God Bless,


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Congrats Jeff! Very glad to hear this!

Positive thoughts and prayers


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I am so happy for you Jeff! Congratulations!


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one more year and you can officially kick cancers' butt to the curb

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Awesome news now celebrate!

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Joined: Feb 2010

It is always great to celebrate good news with my family here at CSN.


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