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hyperbaric chamber therapy

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Does anyone has any take or experience in regard to the hyperbaric oxygen treatment for post cancer treatment.


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I have not, but it is common here for some as they prepare for dental work (example).


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Yes it is supported by countless studies, the abstracts which are all on this link.  This is the best I have found on the web regarding Hyperbarics and covers every facet related to head and neck cancer. Will take you a bit of short reading but will answer every question you have. If you have an issue with the link send me a PM and we will work it out. On my computer the abstracts will open to a word document which you have to then highlight and right click to open but it is really informative stuff.  




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All my HBO treatment was long after my cancer. The first time I did a total of 30 dives to see if it would help the area in my sinus to heal, did not work. The second time was to have a tooth pulled after I had to do a total of 10 move dives..


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I did 30 dives to have 4 bottom front teeth yanked and I never healed faster in my life. They told me my jaw wouldn't survive pulling them without the treatments. Treatments are boring but I feel worth it.


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Is it only good for dental work or good in general?

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I have had 40 treatments  of HBO due to developing ORN post radiation treatment of CCS BOT in 2010. It was interesting to lay in that tube for 2.5 hours a time , but I think it help in providing  blood flow to my jaw. Unfortunately I am still battling ORN and it is looking like a total jaw replacement in the future. What side effects are you having to be thinking about HBO? It did get me the opportunity to watch most of all seven seasons of the Saprano's while getting treatment .

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So far nothing has to do with dental.  I just feel tired and weak so thought the oxygen therapy may provide oxygen to the body overall.  But lately, I've been waking up at night several times due to very dry mouth and tongue.  So I'm a little concern with my teeth since they get dry too.


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I haven't read the above link you were given on HBO tx's....but intend to.  I questioned this too in the beginning of my journey.  I was told, and could be mistaken....that in the U.S. at least HBO tx's have only been aproved for dental/bone (mouth) issues so far by the FDA.  Other countries are using this for wound tx's with wonderful results.  I trust our FDA, but would like to learn more on the resistance of using this tx for H/N and other issues....surgery, rads., chemo healing.  They must have a rational reason,  just haven't read anything justifying it yet.  Good luck,  Katie 

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