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Tumor or polyp

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I have been going thru and reading a lot of the members profiles. In many it said when they were first diagnosed there was a tumor found in there colon. Is a tumor a polyp that has turned cancerous and grew or are they two differant things?

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I hope that you are doing well. I read your profile page and it said that you had softball sized tumor on your right lung and that your right lung was removed followed with chemotherapy.  I see you joined in 2005 ... a long time ago ... nine years now. If you had surgery that long ago you are doing very well.  Do you have any specific concerns at this time with your health? 

Here's some infornation for you about polyps/tumors:

Colorectal cancer usually begins as a "polyp," a nonspecific term to describe a growth on the inner surface of the colon. Polyps are often non-cancerous growths but some can develop into cancer.

The two most common types of polyps found in the colon and rectum include:

Hyperplastic and inflammatory polyps. Usually these polyps do not carry a risk of developing into cancer. However, large hyperplastic polyps, especially on the right side of the colon, are of concern and should be completely removed.

Adenomas or adenomatous polyps. Polyps, which, if left alone, could turn into colon cancer. These are considered pre-cancerous.

Although most colorectal polyps do not become cancer, virtually all colon and rectal cancers start from these growths. People may inherit diseases in which the risk of colon polyps and cancer is very high. 

Colorectal cancer may also develop from areas of abnormal cells in the lining of the colon or rectum. This area of abnormal cells is called dysplasia and is more commonly seen in people with certain inflammatory diseases of the bowel such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.

Peace. ~ Cynthia 

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Most begin as a polyp that becomes cancerous and grows into a tumor.

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