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Pet scan

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Hi my old friends and Folfox club

Well CT/scan showed something on my liver as did a later ultrasound so my oncologist wanted a biopsy. Biopsy of the liver requires the prior ultra sound that establishes "landmarks" like a road map for the radiologist to locate later with another ultra sound and stick in the needle(s) for tissue samples. So off to hospital for biopsy. Put on the backless gown and another IV lay there for three hours and then the Radiologist and even his partner couldn't find what the prior ultra sound and CT/scan says was there. They sure tried. If they had shoved the ulstra sound tool any further into my abdomen it would have come out the other side. Radiologist said I can't biopsy something that isn't there so go home. But my oncolongist is frustrated and wants to find out what is and isn't there. So two days ago I have a Pet Scan. Pet scan shows no cancer anywhere. My CEA less than one; no tumor markers on the blood tests but that only further frustrated my Oncolongist running out of tests. So he's taking the pictures and my fiie to the gaggle of other oncolongists (Gods) that meet every Friday for a recemmendation for treatment? So I guess I'm NED or not.

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...it is, the fact that the PET scan did not show anything sounds pretty reassuring. I hip it stays that way for you.


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That is extremely frustrating. Why doesn't he just take the wait and see approach for a while. That is what we are doing with the tiny spot on the surface of my liver.

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Lou, the newer studies and the bigger hospitals are no longer doing needle biopsies because of drop tumors or seeding so I'm glad they didn't poke you! 

My CT that showed a spot was followed (at my insistence instead of by a needle biopsy) by a PET/CT.  Only the very center of the spot lit up and I had hepatic resection for the 1.5 cm spot a few weeks later.  

If the gaggle of docs decide there's a spot that might be cancer, demand another PET and do NOT consider anything BUT a liver resection (unless it's impossible due to location).   Check out these links that explain the difference in cure rates. 





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I only ever had one pet scan - many MRI and ct scans. Pet scans are pretty thorough and reliable. Plus they look uber cool. Much cooler than MRI or cat. I wish I had a pet sans colon. That would be cool.



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