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Hi everyone i am new to this site and looking for any help i can get. 4 years ago i was admitted to hospital with tingling in my hands and legs and complained of a poor memory and seizures, they then found a 2.5cm lesion in my left frontal lobe. The neurologist classified it as a low grade glioma and suggested its been there for a while and probably was nothing to worry about and my symptoms were not related. The surgeon at the same hospital said it would at some point cause issues but it may not also that some symptoms may be attributed to it but not all. I got a 2nd opinion at a different hospital and was told its probably a cyst and wont be causing any of the seizures or tingling and that it will be totally fine. So i took this advice and proceeded to get on with life and work. Over the last 2 years i have noticed a considerable increase in memory issues, confusion, personality changes and a sense of detachment and cognitive processing. I have been to the GPs and raised these feelings many times and been investigated for depression which has come back as negative. With the history of investigation to date i am feeling concerned about pushing to go back to a neurology department because of my experience so far, i dont know what to do or what help i should be asking for ? if any help at all? any advice would be much appreciated


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    Go to another Neurologist


       Don't know what part of the country you are from, but I would go to another Neurologist, request a MRI and CT scan done of your head and whole body.  With the enhanced MRI Scan cancer will glow green, but also show any signs of a tumor.  If Neuro is questioning a Glioma or cyst, you need to find out more information.  No doing anything is not a good scenario.  Check, reputations of medical doctors before choosing, there are a lot of physicians not qualified when diagnoising tumors or out of the ordinary health issues.

        Write down all information about your condition, when symptoms first presented, how long each episode last.  What are you doing physically when symptoms appear or get worse.  What test have been done and conclusions drawn.  Also, make a list of questions you have, family and friends might have that will help diagnois your health issues.

    Best of luck, please keep in touch!

    (((HUGS)))  Stay Strong!


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    Major Brain Center

    You need to be seen at a major center where the docs see at least 50 patients a years with brain tumors.  They are the experts and will give you the best information as to what you have and how it should be treated.  High-grade cancerous tumors (grade III and IV) do light up with contrast during MRI, but low-grade cancerous tumors (grade II) do not.  There are both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors which can have cystic development.  The fact that you are having increasing symptoms tells me that,even if your growth is benign, it's time to see someone about the possibility of having it removed, because even with benign growths, size increase can be dangerous to the brain and your life. Please find a major brain tumor center (there are several in the U.S., if that's where you are).  Look up Northwestern (Chicago) Mayo (Rochester MN, Phoenix AZ, and Florida), Johns Hopkins (out east?), and there are good ones in Texas, Colorado, Utah and California as well.