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I have a date with a robot

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Had my CT this morning. Good news is no immediate evidence of lymphnode involvement. Just one small lonely tumor on my left kidney, positioned just perfectly for partial nephrectomy. Just hope it behaves for now until I have surgery, which is still about a month away. Doc felt very certain it was RCC. Won't know for certain till pathology comes back with some answers when they get the thing out. Until then just alot more hurry up and waiting to do.

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For a second there I thought this place had become some sort of futuristic dating sight . Dating robots . The mind reels !

Well your news seems to be pretty good , considering the circumstances . God knows it could have been way worse . So all in all not so bad .

I hope everything goes real smoothly for you and I'll bet it will .

All the best .

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will be a part of your life.  The time between setting the date and the surgery is kind of like between the engagement and the wedding.  Shaky!

You have a small tumor, the surgery will be robotid (can it dance, too) and they found in early.  Now try to relax.  Look for a local support group of cancer patients.  They will listen to you, probably be able to explain the physical procedures, what the recovery will be like, and let you know that anxiety comes with the territory.  I do understand there were issues prior; but allow them to reach out to you.

An older Harvard study from the 60's, and since that time, updated, has found that patients who participate in some type of cancer support group have a 25% better chance of survival.  Of course, we have a smarty pants in our group who asked if he went to 4 different groups, would he be cured.

For now, continue to work-if you do, take walks, eat healthy foods, enjoy the sunshine and reach out to friends and family.

The time will go fast.


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Hi DS...

Waiting is the hardest part. Hang in there!


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Glad you found us! Sorry for the reason, but sounds like this robat can help you rid that tumor in kidney.

I have had 2 robatic surgeries and the recovery. Less pain, I had little to no pain. Quicker recovery, but  you do have to be careful the first month. And then you move on with your life.

Hope you continue to gain support and information here.

Warmly, Jan

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 Waiting is the hard part because you are constantly thinking.  Take time for you; if you want to talk about it talk about it (I  strongly suggest talking); if you want to cry, cry it's OK.    Stage II RCC.  I had partial nephrectomy June 2013 by the robot and its humans!  Surgery went great.  I had 3 small incisions and I total of 25 staples  --- 3 days in the hospital and I actually took 8 weeks off from work to recover.   Good luck! 

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Good Luck, It's a good thing you got over your fear of doctors, at least a little.  It sounds like you were lucky to catch it early and should anticipate a smooth recovery.

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