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Has anyone been put on neurontin for Neuropathic pain?

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My mom has had bad neuropathy during her entire chemo process over the past three years and has developed bad facial and leg pain. Her oncologist prescribed neurontin 100mg and she is afraid to take it (she has metastatic colon cancer stage 4). Has anyone have any positive or negative thoughts on this medication?


Thanks and Big Huggies,



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Nellie ~ I posted this recently to someone else, maybe it will help your Mom and you out a bit ...


Neuropathy … is so damn challenging as many here report.  My husband, who was a sculptor and worked with his hands a great deal creating kinetic sculptures … got to the point where he could barely hold a tool and forget about picking up a screw or bolt. Our son became an extra set of hands for him. He had a great deal of discomfort as well.  I deeply sympathize with this condition. Have you tried Cymbalta? Effexor? Elavil? Some people find relief from one of these antidepressants.  My elderly mother uses lidocaine patches and she sees improvement. I don’t know how you feel about medical marijuana but it can have a significant pain-relieving effect for some people (you can eat it, you don't have to be smoking it around your kids).  And then there are painkillers, but they can bring there own set of unwanted side effects. 

Neurontin (gabapentin) did not bring my husband relief but massage, acupuncture, and soaking his feet and hands in warm paraffin baths did help.  He also took the universal antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid. If you are interested, here is a link to an article that lists complementary and alternative treatments for neuropathy:  www.pnhelp.org/index.php/download_file/view/116/‎ted


Peace. ~ Cynthia


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   I was tried on neurontin, lyrica and endep. None of them helped me and I had to wean off lyrica and neurontin. These are primarily anti-epilepsy drugs and they cannot just be discontinued as there is a very small but possible side effect of siesures if stopped immediately. Ron.

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thank you Devotion and Ron. I am on the fence with giving my mom the Neurontin but I am willing to try anything once because of the type of pain she has. It's bad facial pain that travels. I will kepp you all update.





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