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Is 4 cm large?

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Hi folks. For the past 7 years I have had digestive problems. 5 years ago had a colonoscopy and it came out ok. I have had a lot of trouble with soft stools which have been narrow shaped. Also the last 2 months I have had constant gas,bloating, farting and belching. Today I had another colonoscopy and he removed a 4cm size polop. He said he thinks it isnt cancer but wont know until he gets the test results. Tonight Im already having belly problems again. Do you think I should also ask for a endoscopy? I feel my problems are up higher than a colonoscopy goes. Is a 4 cm classified as small, medium, or large? I quess my mind is running wild. I am a 8 year lung cancer survivor and just got good ct scan results on that but now I worry I have colon or stomache cancer. I appreciate any input you may have. Thank you.

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I don't know if that polyp is considered large or not, but I think what matters is what they find in it. I you think that this colonoscopy did not solve your problem, do anything you can to investigate. Listen to your intuition, but don't freak out.

I wish you the best outcome and let us know,


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The discomfort you're feeling is caused by the gas they use to expand your colon so the can see in all the kinks (think of a  slinky) and corners.  It can takes days for those symptoms to go away. Also, if he removed the 4 cm polyp, you can have pain and bleeding from that.  

A 4 cm tumor would be about as big as a plum.  It's not the size that matters, tho.  Wait for the biopsy results. 

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