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ca125 back up after 8 rounds

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My mom has stage 4 grade 3 upsc that has moved to the abdominal lining and colon. She finished 8 rounds of taxol/carbo 2 months ago that took her ca125 numbers from 12000 to 125. In the 6 weeks since chemo her number is already back up to 1800. CAT scan done today with no results yet. Just really nervous that her numbers grew so fast. Has anyone had this type of jump? I read its not really a recurrence, but more that the chemo did not work well enough? 

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Hi, My mom also had Ca125 numbers that never really returned to normal after chemo and surgery. She started in the 400 range, dropped to about 75 after chemo, did a few extra hits of chemo (still no drop in CA 125),followed by a negative PET scan. Within 5 months she got a cold. After a week of antibiotics, I demanded she get back to her doctor because she was short of breath. They did an xray that revealed spread to the lung. She passed away within 6 months of the recurrence. I knew it would recur someplace like lung or brain, I guess I just wanted her to have a little more time before she had to be sick again. We decided not to do more chemo, it just made her so ill and seemed like a waste of what time we had left. I took her on a family vacation and brought her and my dad to my home to be with kids and grandkids instead of alone at their house or off in a hospital. Spent lots of time just quietly sitting together holding hands. I didnt want her to feel alone so, I made sure I touched her all the time. Back rubs were nice because the chemo made her skin so dry and itchy. Hold her close to you everyday.


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It is so nice to hear how you supported your mom.  I am sure it meant the world to her and what a wonderful daughter she raised. 

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