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After three years I have finally had my port removed. It would have been sooner but hit that little breast cancer roadblock.  It never bothered me to have it, nor am I having a celebration to see it go!  ( Other than my sharing of healthy wishes here for us all )......so be well and join in my little celebration!

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Congratulations on your deportation!  It might not seem like a big deal to some, but it was to me--one more reminder of having had cancer gone!  I hope it was quick and simple and that you heal quickly.

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Thankyou, it may be a bigger deal to me than I admit.  I said to my doctor that although as you said I am done with one more reminder of having cancer, (at the risk of sounding like poor me), I have visual reminders every day....aka ostomy bag, and can't seem to find my boobs! So I don't think I'll forget. That being said, every step is worth celebration......I did stop for custard with raspberries on my way home. 

The procedure was quick, just local freezing of which he did a bit extra because I was telling him about a paper I had to write yet and didn't want to be in pain. So far so good!

Thanks again

Katheryn  (eihtak backwards for kathie)Wink

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Hello, Congratulations on being deported.  I also waited 3 years as I had a lung nodule found 1 year after I completed tx for anal cancer.  I had vats for the lung cancer and then about 2 years after that I was deported.  

Its funny at the end of your post you said eihtak is kathie spelled backswards as I was clicking on your post I figured that out.


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Thats funny! I kind of thought with the whole moving forward thing and all I should point that out. I go by both Kathie and Katheryn, and just did the easy thing of going backwards when I joined. I'll leave it as is, but plan to move forward. Funny thing....my full name is Katheryn (middle name) (last name)-(married name) and could even throw in a confirmation name so still have a way to go!

ok, lol, now I don't know what to sign!

Katheryn (for now)

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Congratulations! You sound so happy! Yay!!!!

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Congrats ! Best of health going foward :)


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I am so happy for you! I cannot even imagine having that in for three years. I had the picc line and it was removed after each treatment. You have been through so much and now, it is over! Congratulations!!!! Yay!

Btw, Catherine is my favorite name. It is my confirmation name! (different spelling)

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Congrats on being deported! Best wishes to you!


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Ha, ha! Deported - that's a perfect title.

Another step away from cancer treatment. A great step.




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