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New calcifications

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Hello- I am new to this forum. I am 47 year old woman. Non smoker and not extremely overweight (I could lose 20 lbs).

I just had a partial nephectomy to remove a 3cm tumor on my left kidney. The surgery was 3 months ago. I was told it was rcc and needed to come for regular follow up ultrasounds to be on safe side. They said it should be fine. I have had extreme pain in my left side for the last 2 weeks. Then I developed this unusual bruise on my back where my left kidney is. I was not hit, bumped or anything. I am very careful. I could not get into to dr to get seen, (whole other problem). The pain was so bad I ended up in ER> . My white blood count in urine was very high. They put me on IV anibiotics right away. I had a kidney infection. While I was in hospital, they did CT scan. I have calcificaitons. They were not there before.  Should I be concerned? Could this be the begining of the cancer returning?

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I am not a Doctor, but it sounds like Kidney stones which probably are not RCC related.

Do check with your doctor on this though.





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Thank you for the reply Icemantoo.


Kidney stones would be good news on one hand... until they start to move... Thank you for answering me! I have an appointment at the end of the month to get ultrasound. I will check with the dr then. Thanks again.


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If it is stones, then you may wish to review your diet...

Good Luck..!!


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You might want to request chest/abdominal/pelvis CT instead of ultrasound also.

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