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Updates, additions and delays...

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As you know we lost our Bubba (11 year old Boxer) to cancer in December.  It was truly heartbreaking and our home felt very, very empty.  We have added a baby Boston Terrier to our family..Chloe Noel.





We haven't moved yet.  Our buyer is causing all sorts of trouble and we are shooting for this coming Friday..it will be our FIFTH closing date.  Stress is lingering over our home right now, so please send up some prayers if you would.  I still pray for everyone in my CSN family and hope 2014 is treating you all well.  Once we are settled, I hope to be back more often.  Love to all! 

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tracy, praying that things happen friday as expected.  i hope the stress lets up and you can get on with your more.  i just love the pics of chloe!!  she is the cutest little dog.  once you get settled, pls add more pics of her, and the new house.


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I love the picture !  What a dolly !  I'm so sorry about the stumbling blocks in the sale.  It stinks !  I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers girl !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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Nothing fills the home quite like the love a fur kid..., and she's a doll...

I thnk Chloe feels right at home, and definitely knows she is loved from the look of her comfort level...


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Beautiful picture of your Boston Terrier. My pit bull is 13 and not doing so well, my son and I don’t want to think about putting her to sleep but we both know the day is coming. It was hard when I had to do it to my Black Lab and just don’t want to do it again, but it is part of life.

Sorry to hear the problems with selling your home will send up a pray for you.


God Bless

Tim Hondo

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Great to see the new addition. Nothing like pets to put a smile on your face. Good luck with the move. don

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Hey Tracy, I'm sorry to hear about your loss of Bubba; losing a pet is always a painful experience.  Chloe Noel is too cute and no doubt be a welcome coutner weight to the stress.  I'm sending prayers, positive energy and, good wishes your way for the closing and move to both happen rapidly and smoothly now, and also for a great year for you.


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and prayers that the closing happens this time!!!


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jim and i
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Praying the closing goes through on Friday. What a sweet l0oking puppy you have now.


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Looks like she made herself at home. As John stated a home ain't a home without a fur ball. Kate and I have a 120 pound dumpster diving yellow lab. He spends his entire day looking for something to eat.

Hoping you get to move soon.


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WOW, cancer knows no boundaries. I can relate with the house. I'm building a house and hope the foundation gets poured this week. We moved to Austin in May, as I had to retire to continue my battle, and my wife took a new job. My apartment lease is up this May on the 7th, and my builder still promises my home will be finished by the 1st of April. I guess we all have to take a leap of faith and let things just play out.

I hope the new addition to your family will ease the pain of your other dogs passing. I am hoping once we get into our house, with me being home, we can responsibly commit to getting a dog. I need a little buddy.



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