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update her2 positive esophageal cancer treatment

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update on my husband. he had a third MRI JAN 11 . It confirmed a very small vascular lesion, not metastasis.  

so now he is seeing the cardiologist and  getting an angiography scan this coming week . 


he is still on herceptin and folfox and will have another pet scan FEB 17 to evaluate treatment.


He is feeling very good, hardly any side  effects from the treatment. 


just a note about what i've learned about chemo so far:

His oncologist said the effect of the oxaliplatin is not cumulative ( like cisplatin is ,he's had a total of nine rounds of cisplatin - 5 fu in the past and she doesn't want to give him any more)  this time he is having four infusions of folfox before evaluation. ( he's already had folfox prior to this) she said from her experience , bad neuropathy starts around the sixth  infusion of folfox and can become permanent at the eighth.  

also, another i've learned, herceptin does not cross the blood brain barrier and folfox a bit only.

all the best to all,


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