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Cancer immunotherapy chosen as Science magazine's Breakthrough of the Year

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Science magazine (for those of you unfamiliar with the magazine, it's considered a tremendous career achievement for scientists of all disciplines to have their work published in Science) has chosen cancer immunotherapy as its Breakthrough of the Year. The article accompanying the announcement is a nice read: describes the early work, the idea behind the therapy, the current status, and the new directions. 





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So far these cutting edge therapies are working for me, not perfectly and not completely but a substantially chemo free exceptional quality and quantity of life.

The science stuff is mainstream. Google cmit if you a cutting edge conference where I met doctors who injectinject first and ask questions.

I have nothing to loose. I am going to die one day and it will not be for lack of trying or being trying as you all well know.


None of my friends who did heavy chemo have had outstanding immune responses. Pm me if your seriously interested in iimmunotherapy. 

I have followed my path and it's very very lonely. Not one colorectal friend late stage besides me has survived and I may have a lung and liver met.

Just read the news and have hope . But temper it with the real life experience s of many here doing latest stage colorectal.

I am taking myself and kids scuba diving tomorrow and am away from the net for a while.

Goodluck to us all and yes I am still struggling to stay in heavy ketosis.



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It's been possible to start several kinds of effective immune therapy on day 1 of diagnosis for years...

cimetidine known to a degree since the mid 1980s when Life Extension started highlighting its successes with some cancer cases,

PSK for CRC since the 1980s, if you speak Japanese,

other mushrrom/extracts for hundreds of years, astralagus and frankincense for who knows how long,

various beta-glucan, natural glycans, and modified citrus pectin sources more recently,

vitamin D, kind of possible since the 1920s-30s in Germany, born again this millenium.

Of course the immunotherapy great granddaddy of the West, Coley's Fluids since the 1890s.

Nice to see the mainstream presciently recognize the new opportunity of immunotherapy.   Hope this means a pipeline of  cost effective new options sooner than later.

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