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Good news AND a hidden blessing~

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Hello to all spiritually & virtually connected by Kidney cancer!!

Got my path results last week at my f/u appt with Urologist.

Yes it was RCC but it appears to be all gone now with my kidney being removed!

Honestly, I never had any concerns, even with the dreaded "C" word..as I have so many other

chronic disorders to deal with on a daily basis, so to me this was just another major

interruption that would $cost$ me more financially than I could afford.

My tumor was inbetween the Artery and Vein so I was curious to know if it abutted or connected in any way with that blood supply. By testing the "fat" surrounding the Kidney, it seems it has not spread. In fact after a 6 month scan, he thinks I  will only need another next year and be done (unless something arises).

Also, since I was having  mid-back pain most of last year, sometimes forcing me to lay down, no one could tell me if it was related to the Kidney tumor. In fact the Urologist said it was not. The MS neurologist said it was. My primary said to wait and see if it is there afterwards and we'll know. Its there, but not as back right now.

I do have MS so I needed to know if I had MS lesions now on the spine or METS on the spine. I am not so concerned, but want relief and do not want to pay for an MRI when I am not dong paying for the tests and surgery yet. I'll see my MS neuro next month and discuss this with her.

BUT my blessing(s) is that much of  my big family, including my grown children, are trying harder to check on me as I live alone. They have been become more caring and attentive (for now LOL). Seems the C word has affected THEM more than me.

AND even more importantly, my next oldest brother has been mad/upset with me for over 4 years over something I did with family's full knowledge and approval, but he did not understand. ( I had to kick my baby brother (52yo) out of my home for drinking and not trying to work).  So this older brother would literally walk away from me if I even said hello. I chalked it up to this is HIS issue. Finally one or two of my siblings must've spoke to him about this treatment toward me. He not only CALLED me after my surgery, he talked caringly, AND...(blow the trumpets) he HUGGED me last night at a family dinner!!

Now my family rallying around me is my extra blessing! And might I add, plus the skilled surgeons who learned Robatic surgery techniques have impressed me greatly since this is my 2nd abdominal robatic surgery. The recovery is so much easier.

Lastly, thanks to you ALL who spend the time coming here and supporting us newbies. My hope is that good things and blessings touch your lives as well. Hopefully it is okay to hang around her a little longer, is it?

Gratefully, Jan

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You are welcome to stay as long as you want. It is good to here that other issues which had you down took a  turn for the better. It can only help your recovery.




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Hi Jan,

Glad to hear that you had. good report!!

And even more so that your family is rallying round....that is the silver lining in all of this. It makes people think about what is really important.

Feeling loved is very powerful. Happy and speedy healing to you!



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I"m so glad your report was so good .

Cancer sure has a way of focusing people's attention on the important things in life .

I think you should stay here as long as you like . . If you were to leave you would be missed .

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Jan, so happy for your good report and reconnect with family.  It is a shame that it takes something like cancer to bring people together. 

Unfortunately, that has not been the case with me.  I am one of seven children (six of us share the same parents, and we have a much younger sister with whom we share our mother.  A sister I did not not meet until she was grown), yet I am all alone and have been for many, many years.  I have siblings out there somewhere, but only have minimal contact with two of them (my baby brother and my stepsister).  Several of them I haven't seen since I was 10.  I'm 49 now.  It would be interesting to know if any of them have had cancer of any kind.  I'll likely never know, nor do they know about me.

I am always happy to hear about reconnects.  It gives me hope that someday, I'll not only meet them but know them.

Cheers to good health and healthy relationships! 

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Wow, I am sorry for your feeling so disconnected from your family! Do you even know where they are? I would do a search for them, if you care to I mean. Have you tried?

In the meantime, since I am alone and love to connect and be social, I could be  your honorary big sister or mom if you need to. I mean it!! Let me know and I'll send you my email address on a direct message here.

Hugs to you my huggable one~


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Jan, of course you are welcome here... bring that smiling face around any time..!!   I too have family issues and am on my own... I am not on speaking terms with my brother or sister.  But a few months ago, I reconnected with several of my cousins..!!   Sadly my one cousin has Ovarian Cancer and she is scared, naturally..

Thanks for hanging out with us..!!


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