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I finally looked into OCF and read about Biotene.  It sounds like the "New and Improved" formula doesn't have what we need in it.  I can't handle any other mint toothpaste, burns tongue and mouth and lips.  What are you using for toothpaste that doesn't burn and has the enzymes that we need in it?

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I've noticed the Biotene seems to sting now and I don't remember it did before.   It's definitely more foamy than before.   I just left a comment on the Biotene web site for their customer service team.    Kind of like going from old coke to "new" coke ( of course I haven't had a coke in about 10 months).   


If anyone has found any other toothpaste that does the trick it would be great to know.   


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Is good as for the fluoride... Not sure what you are presently doing as for that... 

I'm not sure Prevident is something that you can handle or not though...


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Since radiation I have summer teeth.............summer here and summer there. But when I brush 2 to 3 times a day, like John I use Prevident 5000. It tatses so sugary sweet I actually feel a little naughty using it. I didn't know Biotene made a toothpaste. I used something else for while but I forget the brand name.




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I have a script for SF 5000 from my dentist. Before that, I used M&I polishing paste because I could not tolerate toothpaste.

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For a long time, I used prescription SF 5000 plus and later introduced Biotene.  Now and for the past few years and because of sensitivity, I swapped to Sensodyne with fluoride.  Every night before going to bed, I rinse with ACT. 

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I use the Sensodyne at night and in the morning mixed with Oregadent. Then follow up with the Colgate 5000 plus. For someone who can’t open his mouth it is all I can do to keep my teeth in as good a health as possible.


God Bless

Tim Hondo

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We're still trying to figure that out too. Been using the prescription strength Denta 5000 and because of the canker sore issue, we've stopped it. Still looking for a substitute. Going to the dentist to see about trays and get a suggestion on toothpaste.

Good luck.


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This is what my dentist offers. Not sure if it will be gentle on the mouth as I started using it after my mouth sores resolved.

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Hey KT, I've been using Biotene with PBF, my personal favorite variety, for the longest time, and I am very happy with it.  Although it says "toothpaste," it is actually a gel, which I prefer, because it is not foamy.  I have not experienced stinging or burning from it.


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