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done with exploratory

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Had the exploratory done as far as I can tell everything went good except for the wait. They were running 2-1/2hrs behind.As far as I know my throat is clear I felt pretty good after and most of yesterday then started to notice my throat is hurting slightly when I swallow anything.Am hoping that it from the drugs wearing off and part of them probing down there.Is there anything I can take to help it out.Could be a cold setting in also not really sure.I go weds for pre sign in then on the 29th to meet my doctor's partner he wants everyone to know eachother then on the 30th off to the surgery.

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so glad step one is over.  now you can move forward and put the plan into action.  i pray you have smooth sailing thru tx.  also pray surgery goes well.  keep us posted.

God bless you,


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that after exploratory surgery, your throat would be sore.....it probably is the drugs wearing off.  Ok then, you're on your way to havinging a plan in place. 


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If you have Magic mouthwash use that and perhaps Tylenol for pain and/or ask the clinic what they recommend.  

Take care,


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You may become keenly aware of feelings in your throat (for a while).

Just hang tight and know these doctors fix people up all the time and you will be one of their success stories.


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I have heard of Majic mouthwash on this sight but don't know where you can buy it.Throat is alot better this tonite think it was the poking around down there.

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Magic Mouthwash is prescribed by your doctor.

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