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Yesterday was great !

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Joined: Feb 2013

I got my scans yesterday at Cleveland Clinic . All clear ! Nivolumab continues to kick cancers butt . I also got my 36th infusion . After more than two years on this treatment the very few mild side effects which I might once have experienced have faded away completely . The only side effects I ever had were a little tiredness and dry , flakey skin . I was always bothered with dry skin during the winter months and after I started Nivolumab it got worse but this winter , for the first time in at least forty years I've had no dry skin at all. Any tiredness also seems to be a thing of the past .

I have to believe that Nivolumab is the most gentle cancer treatment that could possibly be imagined . Also extremely effective at doing it's job . The thought that my own immune system is killing cancer is a great feeling too . It gives me a sense of personal involvment I guess . I feel like Nivolumab took the handcuffs off my immune system allowing me to personally pound cancer into submission . I like to imagine one cancer cel telling another cancer cel , " Don't mess with this dude , he'll kick your arse ! " I don't know if it helps to think this way but I 'm pretty sure it can't hurt . It beats heck out of feeling like a helpless victom.

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What a happy feeling! The nivolumab was nearly side effect free for me too. A little fatigue or maybe I just got lazy. Enjoy your health.

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That's wonderful news, Frank!  So happy for you.  I'm sure you're reeling with excitement. 


Cheers to a healthy 2014!!

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Joined: Feb 2013

I prey  that all the members of this group have a great year .

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Hi Frank,

So happy to hear the super news! This year has been pretty amazing for so mamy people on this forum.

Enjoy and celebrate!



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That is great news, Frank!

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WOW Frank Celebrate your victory over this nasty cancer !!

I love your analogy and attitude=winning!!!

Continue good health! Glad to know you have had little to no side effects..good for those newcomers who would have no idea.

Warmly, Jan

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Keep Rolling, that is great. at two years out, how often are your scans?

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I hope your story continues with a nedsence plot throughout.



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Joined: Feb 2013

Your words of encouragement are much appreciated .

Darron  I now get scans every twelve weeks .

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So glad to share in your good news...celebrate and enjoy! Happy new year!

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What a great team of cheerleaders !

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