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Age and Tamoxafin

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Good Morning I was wondering if the side affects for the Estorgen + club taking medication is worse for those who already have underlying Arthritic conditions.  I have been supporting a woman who is 87 and had stage 2 and lumpectormy with Tamoxafin now since suffering so badly.  I she is not better seems a littel worse since changing over.  I cannot get over the toll this has had one her in just the last 6 months. 

Always interested in what you have to say,


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I am not sure if I am readiong this correctly-Tamoxifen makes Arthrisits worse?

My fingers in past 5 yrs are terrible..surgery on two fingers not much difference...



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I was under the impression Tamoxifen can make a lot of pre existing problems worsen.  One of which can be arthritis.  

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It made my joints painful so i assume it could worsen arthritis, exersize seems to help me. others take glusosamine. i wonder if its really worth her taking it?????

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I have been on Tamoxifen for almost a year & it is a touch of torture. It has aggrevated my autoimmune thyroid disease & gives me awful anxiety. I am on a 1 month break so the dr. can do my bloodwork to see if I am in menopause (I have no uterus) & if I am in menopause their are other medications I can take. If she is 87 I am sure she can try something else like armidex. Ask her Dr. & good luck!

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