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Johnnybegood Is In The Hospital - UPDATE 1/16

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I'm asking again for prayers & good vibes for my daughter, Johnnybegood. She has been hospitalized as her liver enzymes are through the roof & bile duct is blocked. After resuming chemo last week, she had a 24 hr. period of yellow eyes & face. It went away but came back with a vengeance all over. Onc sent her for a CT & blood work. She had not seen a doctor as of this evening, but is expecting a liver stent will have to be put in. I will update as soon as I know more.

Thank you, my friends.




I spoke to her this afternoon. The stent procedure was done early this morning. Although she is feeling far from great, because it done by going down the throat ?(news to me), she had the option of going home this evening, which she chose as she will be more comfortable there. She is, of course, still having the terrible side effects of last week's chemo. Her onc left word that she is to resume chemo ASAP. As things progress, she may be nearing the end of her rope at withstanding chemo. Only she can make that decision.

She asked me to thank each of you for your continued prayers & good thoughts.

Thank you precious DJ, for your call, prayers & concern. I was out when you called.



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You both will be in my prayers. Keep positive thoughts.


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Oh, Karen, you know I'm praying hard for JBG.  It just breaks my heart that she has to go thru so much.  You are also in my prayers.  Stay strong, keep faith and know that we are here for you.  Sending you a big cyber hug and one for JBG too!  God bless you, Karen and JBG.


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Hoping your daughter, you, and your family stay strong through her battle.

Thoughts and prayers your way.


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Ingrid K
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sending prayers and good vibes for you all.

it is certainly time for you guys to catch a break.

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and prayers.  A liver stent will get things moving again.....Holding you both close to my heart, and of course tucking you both in my pocket....

Hugs for added strength.


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Prayers and positive thoughts headed your way.


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I will keep her close to my heart throughout.  please keep us posted my friend.  hugs sent !  Katie

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It goes without saying..., JBG, you and your family are on top of my list and prayers...


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Our thoughts and prayers are with you..


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To you both. Stay strong...


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Wishing only good outcomes for her. Don

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I am so sorry that the health problems continue.  I will remember your daughter and your entire family in my evening prayers.  God bless you, Wolfen.




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In my thoughts and prayers everyday.  Hopefully she can rest better at home.  Hugs from Kentucky!

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wolfen, I'm glad she got to go home and pray she gets better quickly  keeping her and the family in my thots and prayers.  you're welcome for the call.  i think of you often.  take care.

God bless you,


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Wolfen, as always in my thoughts and prayers.



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Will continue to keep the prayers coming; Sometimes it is hard but we are told to just have Faith, simple Faith. Because faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things we have not seen yet.


God Bless you both in our prayers

Tim Hondo

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Hopes and prayers for your daughter.


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jim and i
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Prayers for healing and strength for you both.



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