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To be Flu shot or Not to be Flu shot?

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Hello everyone.

It is cold winter flu season.  I just had a flu about 3 days ago and it almost gone out of me.  However, it made me lost so much weight where I am back to where I was when I just finished my treatment.  I've been out for one and half month now.  Recovery was doing well until the flu took me all the way back.  I was not able get food in the stomach, not that I cannot swallow, but the nausea.  Dehydrated as well as water aslo brings about the nausea.  Now my sense of smell and taste is all whacked.  Air smell like urine, food taste like dead animal.

I have never had a flu shot in my entire life and don't really want it.  However, this one time my 2 years old son got it from a relative and so passed it on to me.

Doctor suggests I get a flu shot.  I am still not fond of the shot.  What are your take on it?  I always believe that as long as you are careful and be confined, then that should be ok.  In this case, an uncle took my son to play with his kids without my knowledge and he got sick. 

Thanks in advance.


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I get the flu shot every year and have for about seven years because of my emphysema and now the cancer. I have never got the flue sence, but if I do it won't be as bad as if I didn't get one. I have to get the pneumonia shot every four years. I started getting the flu shot because my son lost his spleen ans his immune system is not good. Just my thoughts I know some don't like the shot.


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i also get the shot every year and have not had the flu since.  it is just up to each person.


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My husband always hated the flu shot and wouldn't take it but then when my mother came to live with us, due to her health, he got the flu shot and kept getting it after she passed away.  We get it every year and neither one of us has gotten the flu.  Then when he was first diagnosed with cancer in 2010, every fall the doctors told him to get the flu shot and he has.  Even this year, hospice gave him the flu shot.  I also tell people they are welcome to come to our home, but no one can be congested or coughing or sick period.  This includes our grown children, grandchildren, etc.

They always say you can't get the flu from the flu shot and if you aren't allergic to eggs you will be okay.  The flu shots doesn't prevent you from getting the flu, you just get a lighter case.  Same goes for the pneumonia shot, which we both have gotten and then they gave my husband another pneumonia shot right before his surgery.

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Never had the flue shot because I heard the horor stories and then came cancer. Like anything your more than likely going to hear the horor stories more than the good. Two days after my surgery a nurse came into my room and gave me my first flue shot and said I should get one every year from now on. My Doctor backed that up by telling me the same when I saw him.

If you feel it won't help look at it like...............I can't balance my check book because there isn't enough money there so I drink a beer, certainly it isn't going to help my situation, but it ain't going to hurt it either. On the other hand, after 4 beers I got the idea of moving the decimal point a few numbers to the right and everything was fine again.

In your case I suggest the shot...................and a beer.

Enjoy the day.


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The Flu shot is safe and they even have a nasal spray version for special circumstances. It will not make you sick, thats just unfortunate that people spread rumors about absolute non truths and make other folks worry. Please get the shot and while you are at it ask for a shingles shot and any other recommended shot. This year 97 percent of the flu is the H1N1 type which is what the shot was designed for. We all deal in percentages here and those are great odds.  

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Ingrid K
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Definitely get your flu shot....every year.  Anyone with a compromised immune system should be getting the shot every year.

and like Rick (ratface) says....also anything else like pneumonia and shingles vaccine -- for the same reason.

it's not too late to get the shot..can usually walk in to your local pharmacy and get it done.


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you can debate the pros and cons of the flu shot.....this year it might be wise to get one.  I never took them in the past, but since treatment last year, I've gotten two.  It might not protect you from every type of flu, but it will cover some of the types...and with a lowered immune system, why take the chance.


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I worked in the health field for yrs.  And every yr. I received the shot.  But the last 2 yrs. I haven't been able to receive it.  Not that I didn't want it mind you.  Every time I thought it's time to get my shot, I've been pretty ill.  And they advise NOT to get it when you're sick.  So when you're feeling a bit better, yes get it.  When you're feeling icky everything is off....taste, smell, sound.  I hope you rebound quickly.  Best sent !  Katie

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~If you MD says you should, I would.... BUT...

I would make sure that all of your MD's are on board...

My oncoc recommended that both my wife and I get it during my Tx and recovery.... She too rarely gets one...

Although, in 2010 I beleive they were recommended some additional flu shot, which my onco recommended me NOT to get it. That was based on I believe this shot was given several years ago, and people were still having some issues from it...


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My team said I should which my most recent cold verified. If a cold hit me as hard as it did, I can't imagine what the flu would be like.


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same thing happened to me last year right after treatment- i made sure i got the shot this year

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I don't get flu shots. When I get a bad flu, then I will consider it. Has not happened for quite some time as yet. The shots are a percentage play based on what the experts think will be the most common strains. Better some protection than none.  Also may reconsider when released from solitary confinement.

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well. had to chuckle about this post as on Friday I ended up in the doctor office and got a poke with flu shot. Guess i'm good for the season.

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When I was reading about flu shots for cancer patients, so I could advise my brother, I learned that the shots should definitely be considered, but NOT the nasal kind.


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Can you elaborate on what you were able to find? I/we are starting to consider the flu shot, but I have not done a whole lot of research yet...I figured since we won't get it until next year anyway, I have a bit more time...but if you can let me in on what you were able to find I would appreciate it!



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I've never had one and have not been told to get one.  Weird, but true. 

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IMO, illness from flu shots is a bunch of bs. You might get slight  flu-like symptons but they are mild. Yes, I know there are people who claim it makes them sick, but they are usually hypos who get sick watching a person sneeze on TV. And a shot doesn't mean you won't contract the flu, but I have been told that the pain is lessened and the sick time shorter.

No one has ever died from a flu shot, but you can die from the flu and it's complications. It is killing young, healthy people that have no medical issues.

Last night the count in Dallas was 35 deaths.

So, don't get the shot if you wish. That will make more serum available for the rest of us, and it is getting very low.


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You can have my serum.  I'm not afraid of the shot, I just have never gotten one.  It's never been recommended.  I've had the flu once in my life and that was about 20 years ago.  I don't care to get the shot.  That doesn't make me wrong, just as your obvious defense of the shot isn't wrong.  Dang. Relax. 

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Sorry, I guess I don't know what snarky means. But it doesn't sound good.Frown I apologize for coming on a little too strong. If people choose not to get a shot, thats their choice and they are not necessarily wrong. AND I am not necessarily right.

My point was, in this area, it has become an epidemic and health officials are really urging people to get a shot. It's the #1 topic on the Dallas newscasts. There are long lines and facilities are running out of serum. Every newscast has a death count in the surrounding counties.

On second thought, it is in the local media and you know how the media blows things out of proportion....but 35 deaths in Dallas county?

Sorry if you thought I was condeming anyone for not getting the shot. Dang. I will try to relax. Live long and prosper my friend!

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