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parent of a cancer patient

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Some days are really harder than others. Especially when you dream about cancer showing up again. How do you deal with it? My daughter, who is 8 now, was diagnosed with muco epidermoid carcinoma on June 6, 2012. She had surgery to remove the parotid gland and 33 rounds of radiation. I have several questions and I don't really understand all the doctors. I want to come out and say things like, What are the chances this will come back or will she develop another cancer from the radiation? I am terrified that when her PET Scan is done, something will show up. She is almost 2 years cancer free. It is almost time for scan #6, but I am just as nervous as scan #1. Will this go on forever? Does anyone have any experience with childhood radiation or muco epidermois carcinoma in a child?

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I am the wife of the cancer patient and I think the only thing harder would be being a parent of the cancer patient.  My heart goes out to you.  I have no good advice, but I could only imagine your anxiety about this.  I think it's completely natural.   You can ask the doctors the chances of it coming back, but only if you really want to know the answer.  My suggestion would be to try to keep life as normal as possible and just get through those scan periods.  I hope she is cancer free forever.

Mary N.
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I also hope that she will remain cancer free forever.  Your position must be very difficult.  I'm the patient not one of my children.  Scans always produce anxiety for everyone because we have gone through rough times and the though of that coming back is so vivid.  I agree.  Live your life as fully as you can and as you would normally.  As those of us know, every moment is precious and yet life goes on.  Blessings and prayers for a clean scan.

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