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Leesag, how are you doing?

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I have thought about you often.  I know you have been a great strength of source for myself and others on this board.



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I'm doing just fine, thank you for thinking of me!


2013 was a stressful year for me, personally and professionally, but physically, I'm healthy!

My doctors don't appear to be worried about my health so that's a blessing.  My CA125 has gone up from 12 this time last year to 30 last week.  It's been going up about 2 points every 6 weeks.  But, like I said, it's within normal range, I have no symptoms and my doctors arent' worried (GynOnc, Radiation Onc, I see Medical Onc. on the 30th).  

I look at it this way,if it keeps going up 2 pts every six weeks gives me 18 weeks before it's over 35, that's another 4 1/2 months with hair! Laughing


How have you been?




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Glad you're doing well.  I know what you mean about the hair.  I am doing well.  After ten months of stable disease, mid December scans showed worsening in the abdominal area.  I am currently on toptoecan.  I have found it very easy to tolerate.  I will have scans in a few weeks to see if this is working.  The cancer all remains in lymph nodes.  Which, my dr. agress that can be a positive because it isn't in any vital organs.


I am teaching part time with a company called Computer Explorers.  We teach Tech Tot classes to 2 yr. olds thru K.  This is only in private schools.  Three children in a thirty minute class. It's so much fun. We teach tech skills and K and 1st grade readiness skills.  We are only in private schools and private day cares.  For ten weeks on Mon and Wed. I help conduct lego workshops for grades 1-4.  We even do robiotic legos. It's a fun job, getting paid to play with kids.


Hope you continue to do well.



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kimberly sue 63
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im glad you are doing well. kim

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