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Update: uncertainty after liver resection

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It has been a while, and I thought I'd share some update about my mom. She was diagnosed with 3c in april, had a colon resection (most removed except for the rectal channel) and was on Folfox (no Avastin). Following 6 out of 12 sessions, the first ct scan (in August) revealed growth in the liver (2 spots), adjasent to the area where the colon tumor was located. We had to change the chemo regime to Folfiri (with Avastin). After 4 sessions and heart-breaking 8 weeks the next scan showed that the tumor had shrunk back, and the onc gave a permission for a liver resection. Beautiful day that was! The chemo needed to be stopped in preparation for the surgery for 8 weeks. I had some fears about the possibility of the tumor growing back during such a long break from chemo, but took comfort in seeing my mom regain her energy, sparkles in the eyes, louder laughter, and appetite. The PET scan before the surgery unfortunately confirmed my fears and we learned that the tumor had grown back and had started to spread to her abdominal wall. The liver surgeon went ahead with the surgery and removed the regrown tumor in the liver as well as some lymph nodes, and the tissues on the abdominal wall with visible spots. Lab examination tested positive for cancer for all removed tissues. And now to summarize the situation: all solid tumors were removed, but very likely that there is still microscopic cancer left. Her chemo starts in a month, and I just pray pray (!) that we won't see aggressive growth in this and the following months.

Such dreadful uncertainty. 

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I ams o sorry to hear that your mother's journey continues to be rocky. Happy though to know that she did experience some good weeks, even though it did mean the cancer was growing within. 

I will definitely remember her in my prayers. Every bit helps. I will also pray for you too, as I know how hard it is for the carer. 

Keep us posted. 

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There is alwys uncertainty after liver resection but it is the best option.I have had 3 but still going strong after 8 plus years.

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J Anderson, Thank you for your post! I'm inspired by your story. Thank you for sharing.



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I agree. I was grateful that our surgeon went ahead with the resection. It's a good thing that the big tumor load is removed. Now, we're just trying our best to keep any new growth at bay while she's off chemo. Time to try the "crazy" keto diet now. 

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