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Went in for what I thought would be a routine onco visit and pow!

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had my every 3 month blood work done for my medical oncologist visit today (breast cancer) and was ok with a slight rise in my ca125. It's the 4th rise in a row....4, 5.1,8,14, and now 17. The onc told me that my liver enzymes have been rising and he is concerned that with the rising ca125 that there might be mets to the liver. He advised that I get a scan ASAP. I almost fell off the chair. I had to go to chemo from there so called my PCP and gyn/onc. After they all conferred and looked at the blood work, it was agreed that I need a scan.

So, I am scheduled for the 23rd. My anxiety is so high I can hardly breathe. Does Ovarian metasticize to the liver without any symptoms (I feel good, no probs)? If it does, what are the treatments ....really, I'm just thinking if it's in the liver, I'm dead.

I am scared.....

Glad I have this forum to express my fears to all of you who understand all too well.

Susan.  ;-(((((

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Glad to be done
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Susan I am at a loss for words.  I don't know if it can spread for sure but wanted to let you know that I will continue praying for you and all my sisters.  Take a deep breath and take a step back.  Do not jump to any conclusions.  You will drive yourself crazy by then...I know easier said than done.

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Yes, ovarian mets to the liver. Not your liver. And it doesn't mean that you're dead. It's called stage 4. 

Liver enzymes could rise for other reasons than mets. Were you having a drink or two over New Year's? When I came back from Jamaica in November my ALT tripled (all-inclusive cocktails).

As disturbing as CA125 inching up is, it's still in the normal range and you have no symptoms. Don't assume anything. You can't torture yourself for 2 weeks till CT scan results come back. You've been on CancerWorld rides long enough to know that.

Everything will be OK my dear friend. Be cool.

Love, Alexandra

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I truly understand how scared you are feeling but there definitely could be other non-threatening reasons for liver enzymes to rise.  That's the problem with being a cancer survivor.  We always assume the worst and I know how hard it's going to be for you to wait until the 23rd.  The hardest thing will be to focus on other things between now and then, but try your best.  I'm sending lots of prayers your way for good outcomes to your scan.



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That is a huge blast of news when you are not expecting it!  But as our 'sisters" have said, just breathe.  You have dealt with worse, and you need your full wits about you.  Focus on the fact that you feel good and are having no problems.

My thoughts:  This scan on the 23rd is going to be a new baseline.  The CA125 rise is very, very small, still within the normal range.  You didn't give numbers for the liver enzymes, but I'm guessing that rise is also small and not unusually hgih given chemo, etc.  If...big if...there is a new tumor growning somewhere, it is still very very small.  This new scan may not even pick it up.  (From my own experience of slowing rising CA125, that rise preceeded anything visible on the scans for several months.  And when the tumors finally were visible, they were very, very small.)

I am betting that you will get the scan done, there won't be anything to see, you'll be told to continue your regime and rescan in 3-6 months.  Live your life, in spite of the nagging cloud of fear of recurrance we all live under.  YOU FEEL GOOD.  That is your focus!

And I love your puppies!  They look so much like my Hugh Jackman!

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2014-01-16...my enzymes have been off too....my Doctor said chemo can do this...also pain meds and Tylenol. I won't even take my cholesterol medicine as it also throws off blood work. Good luck on your scans and praying there are no new tumors....stay strong.....Val 


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never-give-up.gif (400×502)


I'm not giving up yet!

Just reading your comments helped me to breathe, in and out, and that helps!

I hate ******* cancer but I love all of you!



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