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Sad news

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Hello Ladies,

Just received some very sad news. My sister in law just had surgery and has ovarian cancer. They have said it is either stage 2 or 3. I have been praying that she would be fine. Her CA 125 was very low and within normal range. But she has had many other symptoms and issues that we all know so well.

I just feel this sense of sadness and fear and maybe even a little bit of hopelessness for me and for her.

I've been feeling so down lately and now this news. She is still in recovery, but I will hopefully know more as time moves forward.

Please send some positive healing thoughts for my SIL.


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My thoughts are with you and your SIL. I know this is hard news to get and process. It usually takes a while for new information to sink in. Once she has a plan, things will be easier. Your sister in law is lucky to have you along for her journey. As sad as it is, you two can support each other during these difficult times. All is not lost, for you or her! 

Come back often to let us know how you are and be sure to give her this board when she is ready!


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Glad to be done
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Lisha I am sorry to hear this...  Your entire family is in my prayers..  She has you to guide her through this journey.  She will be fine.

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Life is unfair and some families get more than their fair share.  Lisha, I will be thinking of you and your sister-in-law, wishing both of you speedy recovery.



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I am so sorry to hear about your SIL.  I read your story and you have certainly showed her how to LIVE and FIGHT!  I suspect like many of us we are sadden to hear anyone has been dx with cancer, but when it is someone close we love?  It can be heartbreaking.

My thoughts and prayers go out to both of you.


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Oh, Lisha!  I' m so sorry for your heavy heart!  Give yourself a moment to process it all.  And then attack, support, educate, love, and live.  There is so much to live for.  Your "sister" is so lucky to have you to walk with.

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I am so, so sorry that your sister-in-law has joined our "club".  We are here for you both anytime for support and comfort.  Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts to both of you.

Lots of Hugs,


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