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No, not alcohol!  I have had sinus issues since my orbital exenteration and following sinus abcess last year.  I have been on antibiotics just about monthly for sinus infections.  A few months ago ENT wanted me to try something else so I wasn't on antibiotics so much.  Alkalol is an old formulation that is over the counter.  I add it to my salt, baking soda nasal rinse.  It seems to be helping me get rid of the gunk in the sinus, haven't needed to get meds for 2 months.  Thought this might help others with sinus issues.  (Funny, after my first go around with 'c' I had an uncontrollable runny nose that I was not aware of because of loss of feeling in upper lip.  I kept tissues with me constantly.  I felt like one of the 5 year olds that I taught!)

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Well now you are teaching the 50, 60, 70, and 80 year olds, we never stop learning. 

I thought my (occasional) runny nose was from my BP medicine, I hate to give all credit of my failings to rads.  I am going to pass on your information to my wife, it sounds too good to sneeze at.


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possibility that you'd misspelled alcohol....but you certainly got my attention....LOL. 

I have perpetual post nasal drip....I thought it was from radiation aimed at the nasopharnyx.....I might give this a try, for all I know it's my sinuses that are doing all that dripping (I carry a tissue in my back pocket at all times, myself)....and...it's OTC!  I don't have to ask a Dr. for it!


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If you make your own saline rinse, boil the water first and let it cool.  We make it by the quart here as I use it daily.  I can't use the dispenser that comes with the Alkalol.  I use SinuSense by Waterpic, it could be used in Netipot also.

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I have had chronic sinus stuff since my last rads.  Lately quite a bit worse, lots of poserior drainage.  Can't blow very well, can't swallow very well, so I spit spit spit.  Its even annoying to me, can't imagine how my wife puts up with it, lol.  And in the last four months, it has a very distinct odor.  So I need to do some irrigating, or it will keep irritating,.....

And to think, I used to be perfect.

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Pat has been having a horrible time with drainage since about two weeks into rads. It still bothers him and he is almost two months out of treatment. We will definitely give this a try!


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My husband had this wierd thing start where his nose wanted to run if he ate. The ENT said his own Dad had the same issue and he wrote him a script for Ipratopium Bromide Nasal Solution 0.06%. It does work for him.

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