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PET report and doctors visit encouraging

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jim and i
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Feel better after oncologist visit. The bad news is the tongue cancer is back on the left side and extends to the left madible. The 15 nodules in the lungs have grown in size. There are a lot of medical terms about abnormal uptake and intense uptake  in hilar region, mediastinum and others. I guess I need a medical dictionary.

You are probably wondering what is the good news? The good news is that the Oncologist said he thought Jim would be around sometime as he has been fighting this a long time and done better than expected. In future he said Jim will probably need the left lung drained of the fluid and to go on oxygen. He said for him to do what he feels he can (fish) and don't do what he doesn't feel like doing (wash windows). He has a sense of humor. All in all I feel better. I was expecting worse news. Still believe in miracles and praying for one.



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That truly is a bit of good news, something to hang your hat on.  I am glad the fishing is back on and I hope they are biting.  Another thing, I have got the window washing down to a science and would be happy to help let the sun shine in.


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Debbie, I'm so glad the rept was better than expected.  Glad Jim continues to fish and enjoy it.  Like you, I'm still praying for a miracle for Jim and all the others on here in his situation.  Stay strong.

God bless you,


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I need to get over there for some flounder days...(umm not the window days though..., LOL)


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I'm sure this was such a relief to hear! I'm happy that it went better than you thought it would Wink


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Start planning that Anniversary party!

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Not sure if it's light at the end of the tunnel or light coming through the windows but if the windows are a bit smudged lets go with light at the end of the tunnel.

Jim's fight continues with a positive note from the Oncologist and our continued thoughts and prayers. Ohhh yes and Deb feeling a bit at ease.


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Jan Trinks
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Hi Debbie:


Just checking in this morning and I always check to see what you've posted recently!  Glad there was some encouraging news!  I read the dental one before this one so hope and pray you find somebody to get Jim's teeth extracted close to home.  Have a great weekend.


Jan (Basketcase)

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Sounds like exactly what the two of you have been doing and will continue to do!

Hugs, Debbie.

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