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Allergic to Taxoterene

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In the morning I start prednisone, step down 4 mg. dose for 6 days.  Had my labs today, white cell count down some, can't eat fresh fruits or veggies.  I had this itchy rash, nurse got my onco, she said I am allergic to chemo, we're changing in 2 weeks anyway.  So, now it's prednisone. Hope I do better with the taxol.  Never dreamed that's what I was dealing with.

New Flower
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Sorry to hear about Taxotere. Make sure you take your steroids. Hopefully you will do better with Taxol

yes, we did not dream of it, still feels very surreal to me, I cannot believe it is about me, having metastatic BC and dealing with it

lets hope for the best hugs 

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Sorry to hear of you issues with meds...

Feel better..


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I am so sorry to hear this.  I hope everything goes well with taxol.

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