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Mammogram on Thursday - Update!

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Well, here it is time for my yearly mammogram. I am 3 1/2 years post treatment but still dreading getting it done. I am sure there is no cause for alarm but somewhere  in the back of my mind the fear is always there. Some people may think it's silly but I don't know if it will ever go away.



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Christmas Girl
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Best wishes, Georgia, for 'clean' results.

We're all different... It's OK to be anxious, totally understandable. I hope it gets easier for you, as time passes.

Am now 10+ years out from DX #1. Still get kinda crazy beforehand - sometimes it's really difficult to pick up the phone & make the appointment. Sometimes, takes many attempts over several days... And sometimes, it's a bit less intense. It is what it is.

Hoping it'll be OK for you.

Kind regards, Susan

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No matter how many times we have these annual exams they always seem to bring the feelings back. I wish you the best and know my thoughts are with you.



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WE ALL HANDLE IT DIFFERENTLY there is no right or wrong way...

deep breath........ahhhhhhhhh


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I will be the Sister in PINK holding your hand during your visit ---   positive thoughts, and prayers going your way. 


Vicki Sam




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I had a hard time for years after, would get anxious the night before. I asked the tech if it was unusual, she said that she never met a breast cancer survivor that wasnt worried to some degree. It didnt stop me from doing anything, I was just anxious.
You have been through a lot. Hoping for a clean reading.

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Only those of us who have had or are having this experience in life understand.  But, knowing is better than not knowing. Praying your test is great and you can move on for a while longer.

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Hi Georgia,

I hope all went well with your mammo today.  I truly don't know if the fear ever goes away, but it does get better as more time goes by.  I am definitely better at five years out then I was at three and a half years.  I think we all have the right to be fearful when we go for check ups.  After all, breast cancer turned our lives upside down.  It took away my feeling of being invincible.  So, don't ever, ever feel that your fear is silly.  I guarantee no one on this site would ever say that.



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My mammo results today were great. They told me I was "perfect"!



New Flower
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very happy for yyou I am glad they give you great results fast


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So glad to read your good news.  xoxoxo Lynn

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