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Renal Pelvis Freaking Out Again...

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I just read the paper work I got from urologist.  So far I only saw a Urologist who refered me to a surgeon after he got my songram.

It said malignant renal pelvis.  So I googled that and I saw that it is very rare and I stopped reading because I'm so freaked out my eye is twitching.  I haven't gotten  approval for the CT scan yet.  I have an appointment with the surgeon on 1/21, and another appointment with a doctor at Sloan Kettering on the 27th who treated my father. Does anyone have any history with a 3 cm malignant cyst on the renal pelvis?

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Hi CM,

Probably not many in here with that diagnosis as its not really related to RCC and is relatively rare:-/

As I recall its actually more related to bladder/ureter cancer...


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Please calm down. It really does no good. I find it best when I feel like freaking out is to go to the gym.  From what I have read from your post it does not appear that you are anywhere near Stage 4 like I am. You are going to Sloan Kettering and they are truly the best (I highly recommended Dr. Ana Molina).  Kidney cancer in general is a slow growing cancer and can be easily treated with surgery in its early stages. I may have had my cancer for 10 to 15 years before it was discovered (Long story).  You need to stay off the internet because you will just drive yourself nuts. Trust me! I speak from the voice of experience. The first weeks/months after diagnosis are pure hell.  Before you see a Doctor that specializes in Kidney cancer type out all your questions ahead of time. Please have a friend/husband go with you to your consultation. I know this may sound like I am being a hard *** but during your consultation you must keep you emotions in check and keep your mind from spacing off. You want to have an informative and productive meeting with your Doctor when you are discussing treatment options.  This will work out - SMILE.




Life is Good - BDS    


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Hi Commutermom.  I'm sorry you are stressing out from what you are reading on the internet.  I would advise you to not read anything older than 2 to 3 years.  And I would definitely stay away from any type of prognostic calculators.  They are definitely a waste of time and emotion.  I know that a tumor in the renal pelvis is more rare.  Does "rare" make it "worse" than "common"?  I wouldn't jump to that conclusion.  Also an ultrasound is nowhere near as accurate as a CT scan or MRI.  The good news is that your tumor is small at 3 cm, and I think it's very beneficial that you found it at that small size.  January 21st will be here soon.  Right down the questions you would like to ask.  Find out the proposed treatment plan.  Save all your reports.  When you get the CT scan done ask for a copy of the scan.  They will put it on a CD for you to keep.  Sloan Kettering is fantastic.  I think you are in good hands and you are doing all that you can do.  Take a deep breath.  Go for a walk.  Do something that will help relax you.

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First of all, I am sorry for all you are going through. You are at a good place to vent, ask questions and gain support. It is not untypical to want to what? why? what to do?

Now until the actual surgeon tells you what he thinks, it is really the patholoogy report that has the final say. Keep the most positive thoughts and continue to take good care of yourself.

Now breathe.. breathe.. breathe.. have faith and use it well now~

Some things are just out of our control and we humans don't like that. So trust in your doctors, get a 2nd opinion if you need to and take it a moment at at time. When you find yourself projecting into the future when you have no definitive answers, stop yourself or you'l use up much needed energy to live life!

Hugs to you and yours~


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Thank you for the encouraging words. This board is great with a lot of great people here.

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