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You would think that all of the 'c' would have been cooked out of me!  Yesterday I had Moh's surgery for skin cancer, just regular old scc.  They must think that I am crazy to be happy with garden variety scc and not my rare spindle cells and perineural involvement!  Time to heal.  Don't forget your regular derm appointments.

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My husband has had Moh's surgery several times due to SCC cancer.  I have wondered and even asked if that is where he got his SCC of the larynx, cervical of the esophagus and lung cancer from.  No one can give me an answer.  I know if it gets into your blood it can travel anywhere.  Once met a woman with her husband who had Moh's surgery on his head and they had to go down to his brain to get it.  Of course, he had been fighting different types of cancer for several years.



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I too have had a go around with skin SCC, opted for good old regular Curly or Larry surgery, check up for the stooges again in March. Denis

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I have, no let me rephrase had a friend who had several MOH's surgeries years ago, was dx with SCC Tonsil last year , not sure what stage..didn't ask , especially since he made a comment "hey did I get this from you"..we were never partners in anything, just friends...he thought it was funny, or at least he said it was only a joke when he saw the look on my face , I didn't laugh , I was po'd, said I had been C free for 18 months, and have never spoken to him again.

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for the lump in my neck, I also had a spot on my leg.....they poo poo'd the lump on my neck, and jumped on the leg....When I returned a week later to have the stitches out of my leg, the Dr. looked at me SO seriously and said..."we have to redo that spot, it was SCC and we didn't get clean margins".....I'm thinking "ok ok, but what about this lump in my neck!!"  When I went back 10 days later to get the second set of stitches out, he looked at me and said "we got it all...." and he was smiling and so happy.  I was thinking "WHAT ABOUT THIS THING ON MY NECK!!!"  Anyway, the gist is....I certainly relate to to your feelings that garden variety SCC on the skin is something to get excited about at this stage of the game.

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More if needed..., LOL...

Time before last, they decided to try Photo Dynamic Therapy... Kind of like a chemical peel... But as she said, (after) she applied the chemical, and just before flipping the lihght on... "This is gonna feel like a thousand fire ants stinging your face..."

She was off a bit, I thought it felt more like someone holding a blow torch to my forehead...


I  think that I'll pass on their suggestions from now on, LOL...


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No MOH for Matt, but I will keep a keen eye on alert.

Did you look like “Blow Torch John”?

Epidermis rules!


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Kinda burned my azz up..., LOL...


Oooppps..., maybe that was a different procedure and a different MD... RutRoo... Oh well, it's all behind me now..., LOL.


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