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Sleep Apnea

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Hi All..!!  OK, this is (for some) an important subject.  If you snore badly.. you should get checked out for Sleep Apnea.  I will try to make this short... but..

OK, so after my March 2012 aurgery, I was found to have an Arythmia.  I also knew I had a sleep issue.  Finally I got a referral to a pulmonary Doc and he did the sleep study and confirmed I have Sleep Apnea.  He got me a CPAP machine.  Next he referred me to a Cardio Doc for the Arythmia.  She did a couple of tests, an echogram and a nuclear stress test.  The tests verified my enlarged and slightly weakened heart.  Her comments were that the CPAP may possibley reverse this...

Fast forward to this month, fresh echogram and yesterday I got the results..  Heart is slight reduced in size and is stronger.  Doc told me all the readings and confirmed "SHRINKAGE."   This is good news...  She then told me it likely took years for my heart to deteriorate a bit and it will take years to get it back to normal.. but my heart is in much better shape, in spite of the Chemo drugs and my P.V..!!

So people.. do not put any other possible health issue aside... if you snore badly, get it checked out..!!


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Excellent subject to bring up Ron . When I found out I had cancer I pretty much forgot about some other health problems I had . To my eventual grief .

It's good that you got a handle on your sleep apnea induced heart problem before it got entirely out of hand .


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The American Thoracic Society held a symposium in 2012 in san francisco.  The topic was sleep apnea being linked to causing cancer in humans. 

My husband was newly diagnosed when I read a flyer advertising this symposium.  I'm sorry to say that's all I can offer regarding information.  I imagine it could be googled.  I have often wondered about RCC and sleep apnea.  Do low O2 saturations that occur with sleep apnea lead to increased blood vessels and vascularity of tumors?  I sure don't know.  But it would make sense to me. 

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I'm really glad your test results showed improvement and that you are feeling better.

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I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea over 12 years ago and have been using CPAP during that entire time.

My tumor developed while my apnea was treated. But getting correct treatment for sleep apnea can be difficult, so who's to say that my treatment over these many years has been correct. I could write a book about the problems I've had getting my sleep apnea taken care of and the difficulties associated with a CPAP...

I definitely sleep better with it, but not perfect. There are issues. I can't sleep at all without it.


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That sounds great! Sleep is good, CPAP sounds good. Shrinkage sounds good. But we all know that your big ol' heart is here to stay.



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Thanks for info and congratulations on shrinkage! Kinda knew your heart was too big for your own good!Wink

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Alice, nice to see your smiling face around here..!!   Perhaps I should learn to keep my big mouth shut..!  Yes, this weekend some mouth sores showed up.. time for me to get the Magic Mouthwash... tomorrow...

Be Well All..!!!

Ron Surprised

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