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Lung nodules

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Cathy, I saw your post and hope your cardiac problems are mild. Let us know.

I recently had another CT lung scan and had a wonderful report of no additional growth and three had decreased in size. I asked the doctor if this means they are not cancerous since they are to small to biopsy still. He said it's just something they have to keep their eyes on. From everything I have read 

cancer grows and doesn't shrink unless you have chemo or radiation, which I have not had. He couldn't bring himself to say no it isn't cancer. So I'm very happy but continue on my path of specialty herbal teas, mangoes and lots of vegetables. 




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Glad to learn things are going well.  Keep it up.  I wanted to check on you too when I went looking for Kathy but I couldn't think of Thee Sisters to save my soul.

Sisters three
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Thank you for the well wishes and they are sent right back to you! Love the kids (grands?) in snow picture!


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Hi, Lisa

I just joined CSN after having completed treatment for stage 3 endometrial cancer in November.    I had a question about your lung nodules.   On my original CT Scan right after diagnosis,  four small (2mm) pulmonary nodules were found.   A CT Scan half way through chemo (6 cycles  carbo/taxol),  the nodules had not changed.   Now four months after completing chemo,  lastest CT shows one nodule has doubled in size and another one (3mm) has developed.  

My doctor says they are too small to biopsy andI  will just need to wait 2 more months to have another CT.   I am so disappointed ... I thought I was going to be able to quit worrying.

Did you develop new nodules during or after chemo?


Sisters three
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Hi Lori,

Sorry about your cancer diagnoses. I spent several first months of my diagnosis on this site and found a lot of comfort from the other ladies. It helps to know your not alone and there are others fighting along side of you.

I never had chemo or radiation I was diagnosed stage 1-A grade 2 endometrioid adenocarcinoma With positive washings at surgery. I had two cancer docs say no to chemo due to my stage and research done on my situation, the outcome didn't change at all with chemo. Anyway, the lung nodules apparently have been there since the beginning but weren't immediately caught. The first scan was

a few months after diagnosis then again about four months later that showed small growth in three then again 6 months after that where no change in size in a few and three others had decreased in size.

I live in North Carolina and previous to that Georgia. I was told small lung nodules in the South can often be caused by breathing in the numerous different types of debris that exist in this hot and humid 

atmosphere. I was also told at the time a CT scan is done that inflammation can cause these things to look larger. I actually had the radiologist who read my CT talk with me, which wasn't easy. Basically when you have had a cancer diagnosis they keep an eye on these things in case there has been a spread of the disease. I had one nodule double in size which was still small after doubling and then the last reading it had decreased in size. Two new ones then popped up but I was told they may have just been missed previously and they may not be truly new.

The worry is enough to keep you up on those nights when you just can't let it go but if I were you I would relaxe since you DID have chemo. Knowing you took that step towards wiping It out would

give me a peace of mind if I were you. I was also told that sometimes the reading of these nodules when they are so incredibly tiny is hard, in my case one nodule was measured at 4mm then later it went to 7mm but what was found out it was actually 7mm from the beginning and the first reading of 4mm was wrong due to the technicians calibration reading being off. It was just an error on measuring something so small that it is really hard for two techs to come back with the exact same reading.

I hope I answered any questions that you had, even though I had a decrease they want to do another

CT scan in another 6 months. Take care and write back with how you are doing. What type of cancer did you have? 



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