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biotene toothpaste and mouth rinse

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This stuff is great.  Picked some up this evening and used it, my mouth feels sooo much better.  it's not expensive either, about $15 for both.  Pretty good sized. Oh, that was at my local Kroger, Walmart has it, too.

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Since I'm prone to canker sores anyway, my doctor also recommended Biotene mouthwash while I was doing chemo.  I started using it when I started chemo, and used it religiously every day straight through.  I only had a few minor mouth sores -- who knows if that was because of the Biotene or not, but it couldn't have hurt.

As you said, it's inexpensive, easy to find at just about every major drugstore, and it has a mild, pleasant taste.  My doctor said his experience was that the toothpaste didn't do much, that the mouthwash is more effective -- just his opinion, and I didn't try it.  But I highly recommend the mouthwash.


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I am on high dose prednisone for the second time, only longer (December 2013 to May 2014 or possibly longer). I get thrush a lot while on it. I use it for a mouth rinse because my tongue tends to burn. It is a great invention, isn't it? Glad it is helping you!!

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every 2 weeks ---  anything to prevent those mouth sores, and issues!!!   UGLY.


just my experience and my opinion ---   LOVE the Product.


Vicki Sam


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Another simple thing (that my dentist suggested) is to switch to a sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) free toothpaste.  SLS makes toothpaste foamy, but acts a little like sandpaper on the oral mucosa of susceptible individuals.  Studies suugest that brushing with an SLS free toothpaste can help heal your mouth faster and may decrease the number of mouth ulcers. 

Here's the rub...an SLS free toothpaste can be hard to find.  Sensodyne Pronamel Mint Essence is the only one that I can easily find.  Tom's of Maine used to have one, but now all but one of theirs is SLS free and I can never find that particular one locally.

Recently, I kept getting mouth sores I believe from the chlorhexidine rinse I have to use for the jaw osteonecrosis.  I switched to the Sensodyne Pronamel Mint Essence and presto sores gone.  It really does help me.  Good luck!

A few links:





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This was one of the true gems when you are seeking relief.  I'm happy you found it.


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