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Is this normal? Or possibly the new normal ;)

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Hi friends!

Pat has been out of radiation now for about a month and a half. He seemed to be doing remarkably well, almost, dare I say... finding a "new normal", until yesterday Frown. Starting yesterday, he says he feels like he's just coming out of rads again. He is nauseas, very low energy, drainage...everything he dealt with while going through radiation. Here's the problem...with it being flu season, and with the flu running rampant in our area, I'm not sure weather it is the flu, or a normal setback due to the radiation he went through. I guess it would be hard to tell what this could be caused from, but has anyone ever experienced a setback after being out of rads for a little over a month??? 


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It's been awhile but I recall really turning the corner following rads at 5 weeks and was doing great at week 6. Then again, we are each different. Other than thrush, I don't recall any big setbacks during those first 5 weeks post. Sounds worth putting in a call to the doctor's office just to be on the safe side. 

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with a bug....(there was a time when a cold or flu coming on was just that)....these days, tho.....my mind jumps to bad things.  He's 6 weeks out, too.....that's not very long.  It could be one of those 3 steps forward, 2 steps back times, also.  I doubt this is going to be his new-normal....honest :).


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Ugh...things took a fast turn for the worse early evening. Just got off of the phone with the Dr. They don't think it is "cancer related". All signs point toward the Flu. Ugh! My daughter and I have been washing our hands so much that they are raw. I guess it somehow snuck in here anyhow...Directions are to wait it out over night, ice chips only (with the lack of saliva over night, this ought to be interesting...) and talk again in the a.m. I hope tonight gets better!


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Jamie, saying a prayer that Pat feels much better in the morning and if not, that the doc can help him get better right away.

God bless you,


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has he had a flu jab. If not as soon as he's well enough I advise to get one, you as well. I,ve had mine for some years now and haven't had flu since. I get colds still but not as bad as others who haven't had flu jabs. my partner won't get one as he has a phobia with doctors and needles and he gets flu that practically finishes him off. he has pulmonary fibrosis. In UK they are free for over 60 and anyone with lung probs.

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Sorry to hear. Recovering from treatments is tough enough, adding flu in only make the journey more difficult. At least the flu part lifts in no time relative to the full rad/chemo recovery.


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I do not recall any (serious) steps backward.

I vote for he ”caught a bug”, sorry.


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With him having recently completed treatment, my first thought was that with a weaken immune system, he would be susceptible to colds or the flu bug.  Hope he recovers within the next couple of days.  Drink a lot of liquids. 

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We all get things initially that can hit you hard, as it takes a very long time for your immune system to build back up, energy, stamina, etc...

I had flu shots during treatment, advised by my onco or course...


It's always a good idea to check with your MD's if you aren't feeling up to par right now...


More than likely not something of concern, but you don't want something not treated that could turn into something much worse than needed...



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It's early here, and he's is still sleeping...so no telling how today will go yet Wink However, during the night, once he fell asleep, things did settle down. Because of how his night went, I am optimistic at this point that today will be a better day than yesterday was.

My daughter, myself, or Pat have never been ones to get any shots we don't necessarily need, but considering our new circumstances, it could possibly be something for us to think about. Thanks again for all of your advice and comments. It's always comforting to know people are "out there" to help when we need it.

I hope you all have a happy, and most of all healthy day!!!


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jim and i
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Jamie, my first thought when reading this post was go to GP probably the flu. His immune system is down so I would err on the side of caution, you do not want pneumonia to grab hold. Jim gets a flu shot every year now, I do not. Every year I got one I would get the flu bug that the shot did not cover, and get it bad. Keep us posted on his condition and know I am praying for him to feel better soon.


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Time Bandit
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I had my treatment thru the flu season but i stayed pretty much at home and stayed away from the public except for going to the hospital for treatment. I did get the flu shot well before I even knew I had cancer. Have him checked out by a doctor. Be safe, not sorry.  While I had my treatment there was a close watch on my white blood count. 

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