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Hurthle Cell Neoplasm ADVICE PLEASE

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I just left my endocrinologist after receiving my results of the FN biopsy.  He originally said papillary cancer was not seen.  However, there are an abundant amont of hurthle cells w/occassional lymphocytes and scant colloid material.  The differential diagnosis includes hurthle cell neoplasm and hashimoto's thryroditis.  (The abundance of Hurthle cells and the rarity of the associated lymphocytes raises the possibility of Hurthle cell neoplam)

That was the diagnosis on the pathology report.  My endo wants to check me for Hashimotos (even though all my thryoid blood work is always normal, though have all symptoms of underactive thryroid) and do nothing regarding the neoplasm.  (I also continually have swollen lymph nodes on side of neck)

From researching, it would appear that Hurthle cell neoplasm's are serious, or could become servious. 

Any ideas?  I am wondering if I should get a second opinion?  Why should I wait a year to get another u/s, especially if Hurthle cell carcinoma (if it ends up being) is very aggressive and hard to treat.  Shouldn't just remove the thyroid to be safe?

Any ideas/suggesitons/comments?



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I had hurthle cell cancer in 2011/2012. My cancer was not definitely diaganosed until after my first thyroid surgery. I was told that hurtlel cell cancer is only diaganosed after a thyroidectomy. The cancer had spread to my lymph nodes by the time it was found and I had to undergo a second surgery. Please get a second oppinion as soon as possible. If you feel that you could have hurthle cell cancer and the doctor wants to wait and see, don't take that as a final answer. Get another doctor that will listen to you. I'm sorry I've not been on this site for a few months or I would have posted an answer sooner. Please let me know how you are and what you ended up doing. 



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Hello sweet people! Thank you for being here for each other! I am a 44 year old female. I had FNA And thyroid U/S done in 2013. My U/S says right thyr lobe enlarged with hypoechoic well circumscribed nodule. My FNA cytology report diagnosis said “Follicular lesions with low to moderate risk of follicular neoplasm “ what does this mean ?  does this fall in “indeterminate“ or “suspicious for follic neoplasm “ category? Kindly guide if I need another check up soon or I can wait ? I have no insurance.

Thankyou so much  and have a blessed day 

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hi my name is Mike i was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. they did a biospy they told me i had hurthle cell cancer .i did all my iodione ,scans ,blood test,thank god my tumor count came back 0 for the first six month check up.my question is did anyone experience any teeth problems ? when i recieved my treatmeant i got the max they could give at one time also ican feel the glands on both sides of my throat swelling.any information would be great thanks

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My question: Do you have Hurthle Cells on FNAB and had removal and NO cancer?

Background: I am new to this discussion. I am a 37 yo white female who has had a nodule for 9 years on my right thyroid. It was biopsed 8 years ago, and was completely benign. It was followed for 7 years with totally normal, unchanged ultrasounds. Then, one month ago I had an irregular ultrasound showing the nodule was the same size, but different SHAPE. The only way to describe it is to say it was once round, and now it looks like "mickey mouse". The report showed "interpolar region thyroid mass on the RIGHT, based on the sonographic appearence, this is "intermediate probability" for thyroid malignancy based on the ATA criteria. Measurement of the nodules: On the right, there is a tri-lobe mass, measuring 10mmx9mmx10mm. On the left there is a tiny hypoechoic lesion in the lower pole measuring 4 mm in greatest dimension. This may be a cyst with a small intracystic nodule." I was told to have it bioped again. The biopsy showed "intermediate cellular specimen contains a prominent population of Hurthle cells, which are discohesive with midly enlraged nuclei. There is also a smaller population of unremarkable follicular cells. Scanty colloid and scatted lymphocytes are in the background. The nodule may represent a benign lesion with Hurthle cell metaplasia, but a Hurthle cell neoplasm cannot be completely ruled out."


With all this being said, I received two opinions (one general surgeon, one ENT) and am electively having a partial thyroidectomy on Thursday this week by ENT specialist at Dartmouth. I have read all about Hurthle cells and looked in this forum. It was quite confusing at first. I was curious if there is anyone here who had Hurthle cells, that did not turn out to be cancer? Should I still have a PET scan? I know Hurthle cells CAN (possibly, by some theories) turn cancerous and read the other information that removing the nodules is possibly a good idea. I see some of you have been through so much. I just was curious what your specifications were for your initial diagnosis? Does it sound similar to my reports? I have to wait about 2 weeks for full pathology reports. I am terrified. I am a medical professional and I am reading the evidence based informatoin about the Hurthle Cell cancer diagnoses and I am fearful that is what I will be diagnosed with. In addition, I have "enlarged lymph nodes upper end of normal". Thanks for any input and sharing your brave stories. I am so frightened of it all. 

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