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My neck is shredding

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I'm half way through treatment, which means I have 19 rads to go and 3 chemos.    Through a batch of different things, I had no rads for all of last week, but I kept on cooking anyway.   Last Monday, I had a normal neck.  Today I have a neck that has lost a lot of skin, it's shredding, the skin is coming off and it hurts a great deal.


Any suggestions?

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I had neck burn during weeks 6, 7 & 8 and it was the worst pain of treatment.  I tried everything, but found silver sulfadiazine cream to be the winning ticket.  It is  a bit messy (pillow cases, t-shirts), but takes all the pain away (ALL)!  If the burn is bad get the 400ml container not the 50ml.


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Thanks.  I'll try that.

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Others have said how painful that can be. Mine didn't turn dark and peel until post tx but it never broke open or hurt. Quite a few have said how that cream helps. Unfortunately, it can't be bought over the counter.

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Thanks so much for sugesting the silver sulfadiazine cream..  It works like a charm!

Now, how often am I supposed to apply it?

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Ditto on the call to the docs about the burn situation. The silver silvadene works for most but if you have more severe open burn wounds then you need more than a creme. There are numerous treatments for the truly burned but none of this for you is DIY. call the docs. You do NOT want any infections setting in.


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Silvadine cream really healed my oozing purple/red neck and stopped the pain.  The color improved in a few days and the sores healed quickly.  It made all the difference. I asked my R/O for a script and have a whole jar left over.

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The side effects to rads are quite variable from one of us to another, but once they begin, they're progression is not arithmetic.  It is rather exponential.  If you have this much reaction after 19 rads, you do not need us telling you what to do.  You need immediate help from your medical team.  This is a big deal, and it needs dealt with aggressively.    You may need intervention by a burn specialist, for instance.


best to you



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As Matt suggested the Silva.., is great stuff. used a lot for sever burn victims...

One thing that helped me a lot was warm showers, it helped soften up and shed off old dead skin.

Also like Pat said..., it's not something that if you don't have rads for a few days, the damage stops... That's why we always say, don't think that once rads are finished, you're going to start feeling better right away... You're still cooking for a week or two, maybe even 3 - 4...

But eventually, you'll start feeling better..., not in days, not even in weeks sometimes, months usually...


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That is what my husband used.  It did help.  But be careful, very careful, don't touch, use this sulfadine faithfully. My husband got mersa in the damaged skin areas on his neck.  He has scars from it.  If the skin starts weeping, bring this to the doctor's attention immediately and insist on a strong antibiotic.  Wishing you the best.

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