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General Information for ROLL CALL.

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Please do not enroll or update your status in this thread.   Please update or enroll in the ROLL CALL 2013 THREAD.  THANK YOU.  It is provided for information only.  We started Roll Call a few years ago. It is a voluntary enrollment. H+N patients have had a very high survival rate and the enrollment/reporting would provide incentive and good news on our survival to those checking in for the first time. I am sure that many who failed to report back in are still around.

There are two dates listed.  The dates do not have to be provided since it is available on the day of posting. The first is when you joined the forum and the second is when enrolled in Roll Call.  When enrolling for the first time, please provide the following: 

State you are from..  The city may be provided if it is okay to post it. 

Date diagnosed and the type of cancer

The treatment received and your status.  

If checking back in, please provide a short update if your status has changed and how you are doing.

Posting only one time is required for year 2014 unless there is a change in your status.  The list will be updated in Januay 2015.

Here's wishing you all a very Happy New Year.   Hauoli Maka Hiki Hou


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McCall, Idaho


DX October 2011 Base of Tongue Stage III HPV+

Erbitux and Radiation only treatment


This January will be my 2 year mark.  So far I have been meeting Mr. NED all along the way.


Thanks to this site and the many who helped me along the way.




Whispering prayers to all my fellow warriors.  :)

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