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Happy birthday to me

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Joined: Jun 2010

Not where I thought I would be, but I am here .


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and many. many more! Laughing

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Lets celebrate life just the way it is.

wish you many many happy years.


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Happy happy birthday!! Xo

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I hope you are able to have a wonderful brithday filled with the love and joy of family and those who care for you. 

Are you up for some cake? 


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Happy Birthday Ketz.....mags

Posts: 1154
Joined: Jun 2010

Cyber pie? By the way I have developed a love of Yiddish music. My friend gave me a cd of the soundtrack for schindlers list and an Itzak perlman cd.  isnt that wonderful? I may get kicked off the island for liking those things. I seem to like things that most people in  my culture aren't interested in.  Thanks again everyone for wishong me a happy birthday!


Hugs and kisses



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Sure with pink frosted flowers and ice cream.

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It is time to celebrate!  Happy Birthday

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Peace. ~ Cynthia

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Hope it's been a lovely day for you...you deserve it!

Big hugs~AA

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Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more.  Thanks for all your wonderful support on the boards.


Cathleen Mary
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A very Happy Birthday to a very special friend to so many here. We celebrate you.




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So sorry to be late, but the wishes are the same...may you have many more birthdays to celebrate!

Marie who loves kitties

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Make every day special, make every birthday count.  Make every seperating of a loved one begin with i love you and will mis you.


Make every morning special, and every sunset a joy.


We were given no promisses, and given no expectations.   We should all live life like this is the best day we were given, because we do not know what tomorrow brings!


Best Always,  mike

We just had a friend pass away.   It was the day after his 35th aniversary of the college he taught for.  He had plans to start enjoying his life.  One day after he retired, he passed.   We all must live for today. and pray for tomorrow!   Good bye old friend, May we all learn from you.

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Happy Birthday, celebrate!!!

actually we should celebrate every day as of it is our birthday, many hugs to you Ketz


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wishing you a happy birthday and a happy day after your birthday and another ...

Remember that, in SPITE of circumstances, we can all CHOOSE to be happy and celebrate life, love, family, and friends.



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