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5 yrs ago today

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Hi Everyone,
5 yrs. ago today, Dick was diagnosed with stage 3c colon cancer. My respect for my husband is immeasurable; about 100 chemo treatments, 3 surgeries, numerous side effects and he carries on.   He went out and surfed the reef today and has continued to passionately love and care for our family.  I also want to thank all of YOU for your support over these past 5 years.  You have shared so much with us and helped carry us when things have gotten hard.  I can't thank the people on this board enough. You got me through his first surgery and have been with us during these entire 5 years.

My thanks includes my gratitude for all those wonderful people who have left us way to soon.  I continue to miss you.

Also his CAT scan from last week showed pretty much stable.  A little growth here, a little shrinkage there.  Even though we would always love to hear NED, we were happy this time to hear stable.

I am grateful for today.


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I'm so glad that he is still living his life and awesome that he can do the many activities that he has done through his journey.  You are a wonderful caregiver to not only your husband but your daughter as well.  Thanks for sharing his success and your determination to keep us updated.  You and family are in my prayers.


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Dear Kathleen,

My David was diagnosed a couple of months after Dick, also stage 3C. It's now been over three years since I lost him but you were so kind to me and so encouraging During his surgeries and battle.  I rarely post now but I often read to see how Dick is doing and Craig and so many other "old timers" who started posting about five years ago. 

I too treasured the people who give so much love and support on this board and there are so many. Please know that you are such an inspiration and Dick is amazing.

I can't post often because it still hurts.  It breaks my heart to read about ones we've lost, but get so encouraged to read about so many survivors. I know every minute with Dick is special for you and your daughters, and I continue to wish the best for your family. 

You are so right. Stable is good!  So here is to a long, long period of being stable!


Hugs and Healing,


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Congratulations Kathleen and thanks for sharing your journey.  Best wishes to Dick.  Keep on keeping on with the fitnesss program.

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im glad dick is doing ok since the last hospital visit.dick still amazes me with the activities he does i was dx 4 months before dick stage 3 although sometimes i wonder if i wasnt stage 4 all along.keep up the good work you both are in the HERO category....Godbless....johnnybegood

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I think Dick is a real fighter. He reminds me of myself. I am always mountain biking regarless of if I am in treatment or not. Tell him to keep surfing. I truly believe it helps mentally and physically.

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I'm glad you are celebrating 5 years!  I, too, have found many helpful people on here since my husband's diagnosis about 13 months ago.  I love reading about how people are coping and celebrating.  Congratulations!


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ah kath....stable is such good news.....well done you two.  Gosh it has been a long long journey for so many of us. Indeed we have lost so so many....I think about all the pals who have gone ahead.  I too think of you two.....my warm friends when the snow piles up and the wind howls.....sending love, mags

Cathleen Mary
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Congrats to both of you!  You have a lot to celebrate.  Wishing you years upon years of celebrating.



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Thank you for your warm words.  I really appreciate all your support.  Thinking about all of you.



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Kathleen, thank you for your kind words and support. Know that I am a fan! I loved hearing about surfing and living in spite of circumstanses. I truly believe that exemplifies whar fighting cancer is all about. We may not always be in control of the cancer, and what it does to our bodies. Nor can we always control the side-effects of the cancer-fighting drugs we depend on. But we ALWAYS control our response to these trials. And I for one admire Dick's response! Go Surf! 

Love and light to you today.

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Hey Kathleen

Love to you both. I will be in my fifth year next month. Hard to believe time has flown by

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It is so nice to hear that Dick is pretty much stable.  Looks as if he is living with his disease and keeping things under control.

Each time I see a post of yours I think back to a time in my life in the early 70’s when I was living on Oahu and hanging out on the beach daily.  It was such a carefree time … the smell of the beach, warmth of the sun, wearing less clothes than I can imagine now lol.

I hope that you and your husband continue to thrive, heal, and live peacefully in that lovely part of the world many more years.



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and stable is godd news too!  Dick sounds like a great guy, and you are obviously a terrific support to him.  No doubt part of why he's doing so well.

Hugs to you both~AA

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