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Health insurance and cancer

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Reading LaCance's post has me wondering about the wide variation in health insurance plans. I am wondering how much out of pocket costs this cancer has cost us all. Also, has anyone else bought health insurance on the Obamacare exchanges? Do the plans look like they cover more. I am thrilled that there are no more lifetime caps and no more exclusions for pre-existing conditions. That is a big help to me. As far as the costs go, it appears to me that I will now have better coverage with less out of pocket expenditures. Anyone have any input?

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My cobra will expire in a few months, but I have insurance through my wife too. They closed her office, but kept her position and she is working from home. Don't know how kind this will last. If we lose that insurance too, we will have to look into again through the exchange.


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I have been very fortunate to have had good health insurance for quite a few years, especially the years since my cancer diagnosis, for which I'm quite thankful.  However, it doesn't pay everything and I have a yearly deductible to meet.  For a long time, I kept track of all of my cancer-related charges, noting what was billed, what my insurance paid, and what amount came out of my pocket.  The billed amounts were staggering, but due to my good coverage, what I ended up paying was manageable.  Since my coverage remains in effect, I have not researched coverage through the exchanges.  I do agree that the banning of lifetime caps and exclusions for pre-existing conditions are good things.  I'm glad that you have found some good coverage with less OOP expense.  One potential problem for Obamacare is that younger people, who are considered healthier and less likely to need medical care, are not signing up in the numbers expected or hoped for.  I have posted a link to an interesting article on this. 


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I have coverage through my employer (which I contribute thousands) but in addition my out of pocket expenses wind up to be thousands per year for what is considered "patient responsibility" pretty much each time I have a biopsy it runs me about 2,000 that is not covered so averaging a few a year sets me back, not to mention the high copays each time one of my kids goes to a doc other than primary it is a 40.00 copay so between the dermatologist, podiotrist, gyn, cardiologist, eye doctor etc I could have a couple of hundred a month in copays so although I have a reputible company I have big bills

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Ii can't imagine the copays for a big family. My daughhter finally has her own health insurance, so it is just me, and that is expensive enough. I am still trying to straighten out this health insurance mess. Ugh.

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