Glioblastoma multiforme grade IV

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My husband was diagnosed with GBM IV on Sept. 11 of 2013. Had the surgery Sept. 17.  They removed 80 to 90 percent. Radiation for six weeks along wth Temador.  first MRI was done a week after completion of radiation. Showed growth but they said could just be swelling.  in a clinical trial and just finished his first five days of the chemo pill.  Very tired and not much appetite.  His symptoms as far as getting his words out and vision seems to show no improvement.  Anybody going through this.


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    other treatments?

    My tumor is a grade II, but I do know several people who've had family who had grade IVs.  Most of them got some good extension out of using Avastin.  Have any of your husband's doctors mentioned this?  An MRI a week after the surgery would have a lot of swelling in it, don't panic just yet.  How often is he having MRIs?  Usually with GBM, they are every 2-3 months post surgery.  He should have had another one by now.

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    MRI timeline

    I have the same diagnose and had the same 6 week treatment with radiation and Temador.  My first POST was after 4 weeks.  My medical team said that there would be swelling and to give time for the radiation/chemo give move time to work.  Either do not work that fast.  My MRI showed improvement.