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Stewart is gone!!

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Stewart is gone!! Surgery went well. Docs were able to remove tumor without taking any of the kidney because it was "laying" on the back of the kidney, they told me they got it all, so I hope they are right. I have 6 incisions, one is giving me grief that is by my hip bone but taking pain meds is helping. Getting stronger every day. I should know what pathology is early this next week.

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Hopefully the initiation didn't go any worse than expected.



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you get to be one of the lucky ones who will leave this site because you will have nothing here to talk about. Cool!

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Well that is really good news!

Good luck with your recovery!



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Wow i am hoping to see the day when we all can leave and this site will be shut down due to lack of membership.Cyber High Five to you Tonib good luck on your recovery.Just one comment for you tonib you should have named your Tumor Pee Wee that thing was little

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Thank you all!

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Wonderful news! Great to hear. You will continue to be amazed how much better you feel every day. Don't push to hard, slow and steady wins this race!

Rest up

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Glad the operation is over and now in your past! Makes us rethink our lives and purpose a bit yes?


I too had 6 incisions via robatic surgery. I am soo glad for this type of surgery as the healing process is much easier and swifter. I used a lumbar wrap around my lower abdomen to support that wounded area and stuck a rectangular dry ice device inside of it for the pain in the larger wound, near the hip. The ice helped more swiftly than the pain meds for me.

Continue good healing to you.. don't rush life now~


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That's wonderful news!  Now, we all will wait with you for the path report to give you the all clear.  Hugs and painless healing!

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  Rest up and take it easy for awhile Toni . Enjoy life . Have lots of fun !

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