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Tired and concerned

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I had a gallbladder attack on 11-13-13 and a CT was done where they found a very large Right kidney mass (ended up being 12.5 cm). So I had and open cholesctomy and radical nephrectomy with embolization of the mass prior to surgery. The mass was into my vena cava which was resected also. This was done on 11-21-13.

I have done well home in 5 days, but I have no stamina, I am so tired. I"m also concerned I have a follow up CT on 2/24, the margin of the vena cava was not clear. My urologist who is the BEST, after reading the report, went and view the mass himself, he moved the CT up by 3 months.

I go back to work next week which is 8 weeks feel like I'm a slacker since I have read some of you going back sooner.



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Do not compare yourself to others who went back to work after 4 or 6 weeks. Your challanges going in were greater and you had major surgery times two. Hopefully you have a little luxury to ease into work as you are able and a doctor to back you up if you are not ready. These things do take time to heal and in your case more so.



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Cyn, ah no..  there are not many that had such a major surgery as you..  I had Renal Vein invasion, and I went back to work at 6 weeks, and I can tell you that was too soon.  Yes I was bored so that interferred with my judgement.  8 weeks is not too soon..!!  Heal up... it takes more time than you think..


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a hard call. Some people want to return to work quckly and some not for a long time. The difficult part is knowing when you are ready. Depends alot on what you do. There has to be consideration regarding risk of doing yourself harm. Never return so early that you end up setting youeself back in your recovery. This is still serious business. Don't let emotion influence your decision.

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If you are allowed to wait and stay away from work, then DO SO!!! You had major surgery!

I had my nephrectomy on December 2 and start back to work tomorrow....but I think if I pushed it my regular doctor would have prolonged it for me. However, I do have a huge luxury of going back 3 half days a week and work my way to full time. Thank goodness, because I went in to work last week just for a couple hours to catch up with the person that was replacing me, and I was absolutely exhausted. Listen to your body!

Take care!


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Wow! thanks so much for the support. I really needed this today.

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I'm a little over 2 yrs out. I was on short term disability from my partial nephrectomy (60%of right kidney removed along with 7+cm tumor) I had the surgery in mid november and went back in february of the next year. it was TO soon. I herniated. I still have the hernia as I'm a large guy and have to lose about 65lbs in order to be in the safe and succesful zone for the repair of the hernia. 


Take ALL the time you can. This is a MAJOR life changing event that has happened to you... it's not like changing your oil in the car. It sounds like your surgery was 2 major ones combined... take the time...

also take the time for your mental health as well... it's going to take time process through all the feelings and emotions that have come about and WILL come about from having this. 


Hope this helps...


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