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Active duty Marine Corps

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Hi, I am an active duty Marine with 20 years served.  I am currently a little over a month in remission fro DLBC Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  I gained about 20lbs from chemo and I'm due to reenlist before May.  I don't have the energy to excersise like I used to but I was able to take and pass both the CFT and PFT.  I am overweight by 20lbs and my current command says before I can submit my reenlistment I have to lose the weight.  Isn't there a waiver for underlying medical condition???  The steriods in RCHOP, specifically prednisone is what everyone is telling me caused the weight gain.  

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Hi jrvanduzer and welcome to the site.  Secondly, congratulations on your remission!  Thirdly and very iimportant, thank you for serving in the military :).  I suspect you'll hear from Max very soon - he's ex-military and pretty knowledgeable in general.  I don't have an answer for you off the top of my head.  I admire you for wanting to get back at it so soon after your treatment (most likely RCHOP or R-EPOCH).  I don't know our age or height & weight, physical condition, etc.  but if you are fairly tall, you could probably lose 20 lbs without much ill effects.  You should probably discuss with your doctor.  I know due to prednisone, I ate like a pig and actually gained some weight during treatment.

I'm sorry I couldn't be much more help but wanted you to know we're listening out here.  You are welcome here anytine and you are not alone.  It would help if you filled out the "about me" section of your profile so we can reference it if needed.

I'm sure you will hear from others soon - nice group of folks here.

Good luck and hugs,


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Thanks Jim, I'm 5'10 and weight 210 lbs now.  I completed RCHOP in Aug then finished radiation in Oct.  Before cancer I was extremely healthy and active.  While stationed in HI I completed about two triathlons a month plus a couple foot races a month.  Since treatment I continue to have fatigue.  I've been running and lifting weights but it doesn take long to run out of energy.  I'm watching what I eat and doing everything right.  I wouldn't really worry about it too much except for the fact that I have to reenlist in a couple months and if I don't lose the weight I won't be allowed to.  I know there are waivers for Marines with hyperactive thyroid and out of their control, so if there is a waiver for cancer.  I just don't have the energy I used to.  I'm stressing out really because Im a single parent and cancer came out of no where!  One day Im living the dream and the next Im told I have cancer and need to start treatment immediatly due to the aggressive nature of my lymphoma.  I'm not ready for retirment finacially or most importantly mentally.  Sorry to ramble on and on but this is the first place I've found where I can vent or ask questions without fear of reprisal or not understanding.  Anyway just hoping to find some answers, thanks for listening.  

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Your detailer should be able to answer this question (regarding re-enlistment) for you, and your Command should be investigating the question for you as well. Are you on medical leave ?  My gut reaction to your story is that I'm surprised that they did not medically retire you before treatment started.  I wish you luck with what ever you decide to pursue...   I also hope you share whatever you learn on this issue.


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