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First chemo done begin new regimen Jan. 28th, need input

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On the 7th I took taxotere, herceptin and perjeta, have been doing pretty good. drinking lots of water as everyone advised.  I have bone pain and muscle pain but bearable with prayer.  BUT, she decided she is switching me to Taxol (and I guess still the other 2- herceptin and pejeta not clear on that yet).  anyway, she gave me this steroid to take- 2 the day before chemo and 2 the day after.Which by the way I did not take the day after the 1st chemo treament as I hadn't went to the pharmacy yet). This is all new to me.  so, have you girls any advice on this new regimen.  Oh, yeah, I will be doing the taxol every week for 12 weeks.  And is it true I will have to have periodic treatments to sustain myself since there are no cure for metastic stage4?  Thanks for a ll the advice.


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Cytotoxic Chemo is not nessasry indefinite treatment for those with Her2 + or Er +

Of you respond well to your combination taxol can be dropped off after 12 weeks and you can stsy on other two drugs that are specific   For Her2+ positive

good luck with your treatment talk to your doc and ask more questions

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I did 6 rounds of taxotere, perjeta and herceptin (every 3 weeks).  That knocked my cancer back into NEAD (no evidence of active disease).  I am now on perjeta and herceptin for life or until they quit working.   The herceptin and perjeta alone or much more manageable.  I have been Stage 4 since 2005.  I suspect that eventually the drugs will not work and we will try something else.

What is the reason you are being switched to taxol?  I am just curious.  Taxotere and taxol are both taxanes, so, if you can't tolerate one, I would not be hesitant in trying another.  Adding a taxane to perjeta and herceptin potentiates the therapy and improves outcomes: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1113216

Do take your steroids as prescribed as you do not want a severe reaction.  That can happen any time and my experience was that my antibody type of reaction didn't happen until about the 4th round.   


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My doc said she ahd attended a breast cancer conference in December and it is proven there is a much better outcome with the taxol.  Longer survivial rate if I respond well.  I did fine on the taxoterene just had some achy muscles this weekend, I did take my nauseau meds as told and that was not a problem either.  I have been doing pretty well, tired, tired, tired but I just rest.  Yes, I intend to take my steroid- but in all fairness she did not say a word about them to me.  I knew they'd put some in my line before they gave me the heceptin I thing.  Anyway I did have steroid through my port, I was shaking like crzy and cold.  Anyway, she said she woild do a couple of these taxol treatments then send me for some scans again to see if it's working.  You girls are such a big help, thanks for being there, I have nobody else to talk to about any of this.

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I did 9 Taxol (I had to stop after week 3 because I got pneumonia and once i restarted the tumor stopped responding so switched after week 9) and really did not have any side effects other than most of my hair falling out and being tired. I was always given a heartburn med, benadryl and an anti-nausea before treatment, and I would drive myself home after, nap for a few hours and be good to go. I tried to schedule my days to give myself a break in the afternoons, if not to nap then at least to relax, and I did make sure I drank at least 5 or 6 bottles of water a day. 

Of course everyone responds differently, but in my experience Taxol was the lesser of the two evils in terms of chemo by far for me. FEC on the other hand...*shivers* 

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