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Pancreatic cancer in 23 year old

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My cousin has complained of back pain and the such for a few months now. They assumed it was gastric so gave her a bunch of PPIs, but it wasn't going away. I assumed it was H.Pylori. After multiple tests, they have found masses in her pancreas. They have just done a biopsy and said that they need to do more tests as they suspect some kind of tumor/malignancy. This doesn't sound to good and my family is worried sick. My cousin is only 23 years old female with no family history of cancer at all. The only assuring thing they told us that it is only localized to the pancreas and has not spread anywhere. I am worried sick and hoping it is just a slow growing carcinoid or something. Has anybody heard of pancreatic masses in young people, please tell us if you know about this I hope the prognosis is good. 

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This is very rare case I think.Sorry about that. My mom she is 54 and she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on July 2013.We still fighting and its very hard for our family.

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