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Joined: Oct 2013

A few weeks ago someone shared the name of a protien drink their doc recommended.  It wasn't the usuals such as Ensure, Boost, or the like. 

Also, a while back, someone said they were using a Sensodyne remineralizing toothpaste that could not be ordered from the US.

I have been searching and searching the forums for these 2 posts without any luck.  I am hoping someone can help me either find the posts or have information about either of these things.



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Cindy, I used to drink an EAS Myoplex Nutritional shake that I would put in a blender with whole milk.  It was about 65 grams of protein, 700 calories and actuall tasted good.    It came in Vanilla and chocolate and tasted great.   I would buy them a box at at a time from Amazon for ~$40 for 20 packages.  It really helped me gain some weight when eating was really tough.  




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