oligodendroglioma/ surgery not an option

31 year old male with the fun brain tumor :)  I am took temodar for 9 months, even though I had both chromosomal depletions, it did nothing.  I stopped.  I refused radiation, They can not operate because of the location.  I am on keppra for antiseizure medication.  Anyone have any success stories?  I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago.  With LOTS AND LOTS of research.  I simply see no reason to do chemo or radiation.  They do nothing.  I eat extremely strict, workout daily, and the tumor has barely grown at all.  I have had about 3 gran mal seizures since I was diagnosed, but have been seizure free for about 5 months. 


I truly believe the current medical model to treat these tumors is a complete joke. 


Anyone from around the chicago area have any good dr.'s to recommend?  I have had 2 that I fired because we did not see eye to eye.  I like nontraditional medicine and approaches as compared to radiation and chemo.  I have seen people with the same grade (II) as me, have surgery....and die....have radiation....and die.... so I continue to live.  I can tell my mood changes, I get tired, but it does not stop me from working as a full time teacher, continue natural bodybuilding as a hobby, and live a happy life.  I just need a dr. that doesnt have their head up their ****.


Thanks in advance.  It could be worse, I could be in a casket! lol


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    everyone is different

    Each person and each tumor responds differently.  That being said, the conventional approaches to treating brain tumors are for extending life, not curing the cancer.  Curing these tumors is pretty rare.  Most people do what they can to prolong their lives before regrowth and upgrading allow the tumor to kill them.  If what you are doing is working for you, and you are comfortable with it, then keep doing it.  But don't knock the conventional treatments that are helping others extend their lives.

    Northwestern in Chicago has a pretty good brain cancer institute.  You need to find a neuro-oncologist who sees and treats more than 50 patients per year with brain tumors; they are the experts.  And be prepared, whoever you find is going to advise conventional therapy because that really is what they have in their arsenal right now.   Otherwise, find a good clinical trial and join up.  Your care will be covered for the duration of the study and there's a fifty/fifty chance you'll get the new therapy that they think might have a chance of fighting the cancer.

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    Gerson Therapy


    I like you have an Oligodendroglioma.   I used the Chemo and Radiation along with a therapy I found called the Gerson Therapy.  Using this with the chemo and radiation I believe has gotten me to today where I have now gone 8 months with good MRI's.   The therapy consists of natural juicing to cure the cancer.   Gerson's belief as is mine now that cancer is caused by nutritional deficiencies in the body.  Might be worth a try to look into the therapy.  I did not follow it exactly as he prescribes, mostly because I was doing this from home on a limited budget.  My significant other finds all kinds of treatments and options that I would be more than willing to share with you.


    Sounds like based on what you have above you are already on the healthy steps to fighting this naturally!

    I am out in Denver and have found some really great Dr's here who are more open to some of the non-traditional approaches to treating the tumor.

    Best of luck to you in your fight and if you have any questions or anything feel free to reach out to me.